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Garda clarifies role in Ballycar incident

GARDA Declan Fawl has moved to clarify the role he played in the aftermath of a single vehicle crash at Ballycar on Wednesday. “I arrived at the scene after the call came in and at no stage did I pull anyone from a burning car,” he said. He confirmed his role had been limited to making sure the area was safe following the crash, in which a couple and a young child were in a car that overturned. “People were moved to a safe distance, the area was secured and the fire brigade arrived a short time later as the car was alight.” Local woman Aideen O’Hanlon was one of the first people who came upon the accident, in which the three passengers had a lucky escape. “I came onto the scene seconds after it happened. The car was upside down. Myself and two other men went over to help them. The couple were in the front and they crawled …

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Flight diversion woman released from Garda care

AN 87 year old woman who was arrested following the diversion of a flight from Frankfurt to Toronto has been released from Garda care. It is understood that she spent a portion of last night at a local hotel and she is set to leave Ireland at some point today. Gardai don’t expect there will be any further action taken in relation to the matter. After having received reports of a disruptive passenger Gardai were on hand when the Air Canada flight on which she was travelling touched down at Shannon at around 8.20pm on Friday evening.  

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Quin resident to be extradited to UK

A MAN who has been living in Quin and was due to be extradited to the UK, has been arrested and brought before the High Court after he failed to present himself at a Dublin Garda Station. The court heard that wheelchair-bound David Warwick told gardaí the reason he didn’t travel to Dublin was because he was feeling unwell and he was going back to bed. Last month, the High Court ordered Mr Warwick, a UK national who had been living at Quin Gardens in the village, to be extradited to the UK where he is wanted for an alleged breach of the terms of his release from prison. After the extradition order was made, Mr Warwick was released on bail pending his extradition to England by ferry. As part of his bail conditions, he was required to travel to Dublin and present himself to the gardaí at Store Street Garda Station at noon last Monday. Arising from his failure …

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“It breaks my heart that we promote war” – Mick Wallace

TDs Mick Wallace and Clare Daly both addressed Ennis District Court on Tuesday, claiming Ireland is complicit in atrocities through its decision to allow the US military to use Shannon Airport. They criticised the lack of inspections on aircraft being used by the US military, claiming that relying on diplomatic assurances from America is hopelessly inadequate. The two are accused of climbing a perimeter fence at Shannon and entering a part of the airport to which they were not permitted on July 22 of last year. During evidence on Tuesday, both freely acknowledged that they had entered the area in question but claimed they were left with no other option due to the lack of inspections being carried out by the authorities. They said they had been told to provide some concrete evidence to justify inspections and that their attempt to get to a US aircraft on the Shannon tarmac was a response. Mr Wallace also spoke about his experiences …

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Community Alert Information in Shannon

SHANNON Community Gardaí are holding a community Alert Information night on April 3 at 7.30pm. It will take place at the Garda Station and Community Garda Diarmuid O’Brien said that it is for people living on the outskirts of the town, in rural areas. “This crime prevention initiative is targeting the rural areas of Shannon in the form of Community Alert. Shannon Town is currently served by a number of Neighbourhood Watch Schemes and Business Watch Schemes which serve the Urban Residential Community and Business Community. However Community Alert is a crime prevention programme where we work in partnership with the rural community in the prevention and detection of crime.” Outlining how Community Alert works he said; “It’s based on the simple principles of being aware, being alert, being secure and being a good neighbour to those around you. We will be encouraging people to get to know their neighbours particularly those living alone, to call in and visit-it’s the …

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