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Council appeals for ramping up of rules around online gambling

GAMBLING online was described as being “out of control” in Clare, at the monthly meeting of the county council. Calling on the minister for justice to update the legislation and appoint a regulator, Councillor PJ Ryan outlined how he had been contacted by the mother of someone who spent all of his money, overnight, by gambling online. “The woman who has a son in college forwarded him money on a Friday night and by the next day at 9.15am, he had used all of it for online gambling,” the Independent member said. “Online gambling is a serious, serious problem and there has been not update to the law on gambling since 1931. Another woman told me that her husband, who is working from home, is gambling most of his wages online and she never realised it. It is too easy to do it. If a ten year old child gets their father’s credit card, they can gamble online. It’s a …

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Teens in gambling addiction crisis

Teenage gambling has become a major issue in the county, with a “notable increase” in the numbers presenting for help at Bushypark Addiction Treatment Centre in Ennis. Team leader at the centre, Gerry Murphy said the accessibility of gambling is now a major issue and the ramifications have led to a shift in the demographic of the typical person who is attending their treatment centre. “I would say we’ve seen more people presenting with gambling, more young people coming in with a problem. Their families are getting involved much earlier now and trying to do interventions with them. We’ve had quite a few 18 and 19-year-olds presenting with difficulty,” he said. “You could be gambling on your smartphone while you’re at work and it’s available 24/7, so it’s very accessible and it’s very well marketed. There’s a lot of advertisement on the television, even around the Rugby World Cup, you can back this or back that, just by pressing a …

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