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Tulla nurse advises vigilance for gynaecological cancers

A TULLA-based oncology nurse, and ovarian cancer survivor, is urging women not to ignore the warning signs of gynaecological cancers. Anne Murphy, who is a member of the team at Clare Cancer Support, said that research shows many women are not aware of symptoms and don’t seek medical advice in time. “Early diagnosis is so important for a good prognosis,” Ms Murphy said. “I myself was diagnosed with early stage ovarian cancer in 2012.” The call comes ahead of World Gynaecologic Oncology Day on Sunday, when a number of buildings, including The Rock of Cashel and The National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG) will light up in purple. “Clare Cancer Support are delighted to participate in this World Awareness Day,” Ms Murphy said, which is about raising awareness of gynaecological cancers, cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal and vulval. Womens’ gynaecological cancers are poorly represented in the public arena and this needs to change. Most gynaecological cancers have symptoms but research has …

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Warning over cancer ‘pandemic’ if vital services are curtailed

THE government is being warned that more people will die from delayed and missed cancer diagnoses, than from Covid-19, unless funding for oncology treatment and screening is properly supported over the course of the pandemic. Medical card campaigner John Wall, who himself has Stage IV cancer, was reacting to a briefing from The Department of Health outlining reduced services, as well as major increase in waiting lists. “Obviously, the pandemic is absolutely catastrophic,” he said. “But, the fact is that more people are dying every day of the week from cancer than from Covid-19. Covid cases must be dealt with in conjunction with oncology services. There is no doubt but that those delivering health services are doing their very best, but the reality is that people are already going undiagnosed and cancers are being missed, and that before you factor in the impact of Covid-19. I see, every day, the issues that people are having when they don’t get a …

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Mark Bowers pictured at his home in Killaloe.Pic Arthur Ellis.

Life after prostate cancer

MARK Bowers was shocked when consultant urological surgeon, Garrett Durkan looked him in the eye in the Mid-Western Radiation Oncology Centre, Limerick and confirmed he had prostate cancer. While no one is prepared for this devastating news, the fact that 17 months earlier an ultrasound test revealed a cyst was benign, made it an even more bitter pill for the 52-year-old to swallow. Looking back at that day last October, the Killaloe man felt it was akin to “an icy hand grabbing your heart and squeezing it”. Three previous Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) tests had shown elevated antigens but none of them were considered to be at a dangerous level. Right from the start of his diagnosis, he was assured all the way that he would be fine, as the cancer was detected in its early stages. His brother-in-law in Canada, who is in his early 70s, is dying from prostate cancer. Mark believes his brother-in-law, who ironically nursed people …

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