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Poison risk to pets

Dogalogue With Bev and Daisy AS the colder weather approaches and Christmas is around the corner, while we are enjoying the rich foods and putting up decorations, please look out for your pets. Pets are vulnerable to poisons but the risk can be even greater during the winter. Some poisons are very toxic, while some are minimally toxic, like ant baits and silica packs. When in doubt, call your vet. Take special care to keep these toxins out of your pet’s reach and pet-proof your house. Antifreeze poisoning is the most common emergency at this time of the year. Ethylene glycol is the main constituent of antifreeze and is poisonous for dogs, cats and other animals. Pets are attracted to the sweet taste of ethylene glycol and many will lap antifreeze spilled or leaking onto garage floors or driveways. Make sure all antifreeze containers are leak proof and have tight-fitting lids. Cats can knock them off shelves and sometimes get …

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