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At risk groups urged to get flu vaccine

THE HSE is urging people in at-risk groups in Clare to get vaccinated against influenza as the flu season starts. According to Dr Anna Clarke, consultant in public health medicine at the HSE National Immunisation Office, the flu vaccine prevents hospitalisations and deaths. Dr Clarke said the best protection against flu is the vaccine. “All people in risk groups should get the vaccine if they have not gotten it already. As the vaccine takes two weeks to work, the HSE is urging people to get the vaccine now. “The flu vaccine is a lifesaver because flu can be a very serious and sometimes deadly disease, with potentially  in Ireland during a severe flu season. “National uptake figures show that 54% of people aged 65 and over, who hold a medical card or GP visit card, received the flu vaccine during the 2016-2017 flu season. “This uptake rate is on a par with the 2015-2016 flu season,” she said. However, it …

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New measures to enhance medical card scheme

The HSE has introduced new steps to enhance the operation of the medical card scheme and make it more sensitive to people’s needs, especially arrangements relating to the issuing of medical cards on a discretionary basis. The HSE is taking 10 actions to improve the operation of the medical card system, particularly for people with significant medical needs: · An enhanced assessment process which takes into account the burden of an illness or a condition; · The greater exchange of information between the medical card central assessment office and the local health offices; · People with a serious illness who hold a discretionary card can also be reassured that they will retain their card pending implementation of the actions to improve the operation of the scheme; · The power of GPs to extend medical cards in difficult circumstances will be strengthened; · A clinical advisory group is being established by the HSE to develop guidance on assessing applications involving significant …

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Free GP care for 6,000 Clare children

OVER 6,000 new Clare children aged five or under will be able to benefit from free GP care following Budget 2014. Fine Gael Senator Tony Mulcahy has stated that 10,709 Clare children will be eligible for free GP care under a new Government family friendly measure. The Department of Health estimates that 43% of children and adults nationally are already covered by a full medical card or GP visit card. Applying this percentage to Clare, 6,104 new Clare children will no longer have to pay up to €50 to visit their local GP once this new measure is rolled out in the county next year. The estimated cost of this new measure nationwide is €37 million and it will also mean 49% of the population are now covered for free GP care. According to Senator Mulcahy, this initiative will have a huge impact on thousands of  families across Clare, who will no longer have to stump up to €50 every time their …

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Frankie and Siobhan Lundy with their daughters Ava, Emily and Olivia.

Positivity in the face of uncertainty

By Jessica Quinn “I could go away and crawl into a corner and let it roll me over, or I can stand up and say no way, Jose”. These are the inspirational words of Frankie Lundy who, two and a half years ago, was diagnosed with the rare Huntington’s Disease. Speaking to The Clare Champion recently, Frankie and his wife Siobhan talked openly and honestly about the affect the condition has had on their family and their efforts to raise awareness. Originally from Belfast, 51-year-old Frankie has lived in Ennis for over a decade, having previously lived in Shannon. A former musician, the Lundy name is widely known in music circles with Frankie playing drums for a number of well-known bands. Huntington’s Disease is a hereditary disorder that causes progressive deterioration of the physical, cognitive and emotional self. Most people with HD develop symptoms between the ages of 30 and 50, with symptoms varying from person to person. A self …

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