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Warning to Clare road-users as ‘silage season’ starts

SILAGE season is underway, despite the less-than-ideal weather conditions. As agricultural traffic increases over the next four weeks, an O’Callaghan’s Mills farming representative has appealed to all road users to take care. Veteran Clare ICMSA spokesperson, Martin McMahon, has asked the users of rural roads to exercise patience and awareness. He noted that the large numbers of people still using rural roads for walking and cycling exercise in the absence of gyms or sports club training might be taken unawares by the large increase in tractor and trailer volumes. Mr McMahon expressed specific concern that the people using headphones while walking or cycling were being misled about the proximity of large machinery. Mr McMahon also asked farmers and contractors engaged in silage work to be extra careful this year in view of the increased numbers of people cycling or walking. He asked them to pull in, where possible, and allow any build-up of traffic to pass. “It is incumbent upon …

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Carbon tax hike blots a ‘farmer friendly’ Budget

FARMING representative organisations in Clare have given a cautious welcome to Budget 2021, while voicing reservations over the fairness of the an increase of almost 2c per litre in the price of agri-diesel. An increase of €7.50 per tonne of carbon came into effect last Tuesday night, adding 1.937c the cost of a litre of green diesel. The measure takes the total carbon tax on agri-diesel to almost 9c per litre. Said Cratloe’s Eddie Punch, General Secretary of the Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association (ICSA), “The carbon tax is an environmental measure when there is a viable alternative to agri-diesel. When there’s no realistic alternative, it becomes just another tax, and it’s unfair.” Tom Lane, Clare County Chair of the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA), agreed the measure is unjust in the view of his members. “There is no viable alternative to agri-diesel on the market currently,” he said. “We understand the pressure to reduce emissions and when you look …

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Marts will operate as normal under Level 3 restrictions

CLARE Marts have confirmed that its facilities will continue operations under Level 3 pandemic restrictions. The Department of Agriculture had indicated that marts are designated as an essential service, but suggested some may have some of their operating procedures adjusted to take account of the new national restrictions. Martin McNamara, general manager of Clare Marts noted that since re-opening of marts in early June, huge efforts had been made to adhere to national public health guidelines and to facilitate on-line sales to reduce the number of people attending in person. He also expressed the hope that the move to Level 3 would make it easier to enforce the regulations. “The move to Level 3 shouldn’t make any great difference,” he said. “The rules are already being strictly enforced with social distancing, masks, sanitisers and so on. The bottom line is, though, that people won’t be allowed in if they have no business at the mart, because numbers are restricted until …

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Farmers Pray for Rain as Drought Hits The Burren

FARMERS in the Burren are said to be in “dire straits” after almost three months with virtually no rainfall. Despite the thundery downpours experienced in recent days across Clare, much of the north of the county has escaped, with drought-like conditions posing challenges for farmers. “It will be 13 weeks from the Spring Equinox to the Summer Solstice this weekend,” noted Burren IFA Chairman Michael Davoren. “In my lifetime, I haven’t seen a three month spell without rain. There’s been a slow drought since early Spring, which has badly hit the winterages. The wells and the springs of the Burren are in danger of running dry at this stage.” Mr Davoren estimated that grass growth is down between 30 and 40%, with some farmers having to use sileage to feed their cattle. “It threatened to rain at the weekend, but there wasn’t a drop. The winterages need a good dousing. The rain will come eventually,” he said, “but you can’t …

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Welcome For Limited Re-Opening of Marts in Clare

PERMISSION from government to resume the sale of animals at marts, under strict new regulations, has been welcomed in Clare. Concerns had been voiced by farming leaders after all marts were shut down last week in response to the Covid-19 crisis. After intensive talks about how livestock trading can continue at a time when hundreds of thousands of animals need to be sold, the Department of Agriculture has agreed to allow marts to resume operations on a limited basis. It is understood that marts will oversee the weighing, buying and selling of animals without crowds being allowed to attend. Each mart will be required to submit operating protocols for approval before being allowed to conduct any business. “Farmers in Clare are under pressure to sell animals on at this time,” said ICMSA County Chairperson Martin McMahon. “We’re a productive county and cattle from here go to the midlands and East and at least if the marts are available to match …

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McMahon feels that Clare are ready to take it up a level

(Peter O’Connell) A Clare senior footballer since 2008, Martin McMahon has never played in a division above the basement league. That will change for him and his colleagues on Sunday when Clare play Wexford in their opening fixture of the division 3 league. The Mullagh man, who teaches at St Munchin’s in Limerick, was working in Dublin for several years before finding employment in the mid west. Not having to drive to and from the capital every weekend is something that he appreciates and feels fresher for it. “One thing I never really liked was the travelling. In Dublin you were leaving every Friday evening and heading back every Sunday evening. Then when you were getting close to championship you were up and down twice during the week. The best thing I find about being down is that you can do your gym sessions in groups. When I first started in Dublin there was only about two players away. I …

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