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Influx of rats at Lees Road Complex

USERS of the Lees Road complex have been told to stick to the pathways, following an outbreak of rats in the area. Council clearing work for the West Clare Greenway cycle path is likely to be a factor in the recent sightings of an influx of rats close to the Clare County Council-owned Lees Road Complex, the manager believes. Local dumping may also be a contributing factor. Sightings of the rats have been reported since the fine weather in early April. The rise in temperatures and a milder-than-usual winter may also be factors in the unusual amount of rodents in the area, said Tim Forde, manager of the Lees Road Complex. A number of local residents and users of the complex have contacted The Clare Champion in recent days to report the unusual numbers of rats seen around the Lees Road area. “We’re aware of the situation,” Mr Forde told The Clare Champion. “We have been listening to the feedback …

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Councillor James Breen

Breen takes up mother’s call to combat racism

AN Ennis mother whose adopted son was racially abused at a local sports complex has appealed to her local representative to raise the matter at next Tuesday’s Council meeting. The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous to protect the identity of her two ‘dark-skinned’ adopted children, has written to Councillor James Breen and asked him to raise the matter at the Council meeting. She told Councillor Breen that since they adopted their eldest son in 1995, and their second son in 1998, “I have noticed a substantial increase in racism and racist assaults perpetrated on my sons, this has been both physical and verbal in nature and is not confined to any one aspect of life but is to be encountered on a daily basis from people of all ages and social class.” She said she was particularly concerned when, before the summer, her 15-year-old son, who plays all sports extremely well, was verbally abused three times over one weekend. …

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