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Making the Burren ‘a learning landscape’

INTEREST groups have gathered this weekend, to discuss how the Burren’s potential as a ‘learning landscape’ might be developed. A study exploring this potential, commissioned last year by Burrenbeo Trust,  was launched at the  Burren College of Art earlier in the week. “The Burren is Ireland’s greatest outdoor classroom. While all places have a potential for learning, the Burren has that potential in abundance, thanks to the wealth and accessibility of its geology, flora, fauna, archaeology, history and culture. For many years, the Burren has been the destination of choice for school tours and university outings but its potential as a learning destination of international renown remains largely untapped,” said Dr Brendan Dunford of Burrenbeo Trust. “The Burren’s pioneering initiatives in conservation farming, volunteering, place-based learning and ecotourism represent best-practice models of sustainable land use in our nation today and offer fascinating insights and experiences to other regions. With an excellent network of product and service providers – from accommodation to …

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