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Law Society questions on radon gas

The Law Society of Ireland’s decision to include three questions relating to radon gas in their 2017 Conditions of Sale document has been welcomed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas linked to lung cancer. It is formed in the ground by the radioactive decay of uranium which is present in all rocks and soils. Radon is an invisible gas with no smell or taste, therefore it can only be measured with special detectors. “We are really pleased to have radon gas highlighted in this manner” said Stephanie Long, senior scientist with the EPA. “We have been campaigning for radon to be considered when homes are bought and sold for some time. Radon is a serious public health issue so raising the question of radon when a home is being sold is an important step in reducing the risk. Radon is linked to lung cancer and the risk of this cancer can be significant …

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