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Irish MEP opposes ‘nonsensical’ time change

Ireland South MEP Seán Kelly has launched an EU-level bid to end the “nonsensical” bi-annual time change or Daylight Saving Time (DST), which will see the clocks turned back an hour this Sunday. Mr Kelly has backed a European Parliament Resolution, co-signed by some 40 MEPs, calling for the EU to end the “archaic” ‘fall back, spring forward’ time changes for health and safety reasons. DST is the practice of advancing the clock forward one hour close to the start of spring and adjusting it backwards or delaying time at the start of autumn, which is planned for this Sunday night, 30th October, at 2am Irish time. The idea originated in 1895 but was first introduced in Europe during World War I but was more widely used worldwide from the 1970s. “I have consistently called for an end to the time change over serious health and safety concerns for citizens and am fully supporting a European Parliament motion to end …

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