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Brooke’s Magazine

By Sean Hanrahan St Joseph’s Secondary School, Spanish Point Third place, senior Clare Champion Short Story Competition A FIVE-storey building. On the inside it gleamed. Everything in the inside, from the outside it seemed. Efficient, busy and organised, it was something like a dream. And this is where Carla would work now, the famous Brooke’s Magazine. James Brooke was smart, handsome and young. Worked hard, kissed ass, always quick to number one. Eventually so successful, he made his own company and was done with taking orders from people; now he takes orders from no-one. But he is still kind and friendly to all, not some. He makes very sure that he knows everyone. Carla entered his office. “Welcome Carla, I’m James Brooke.” “I know Mr Brooke. It’s a pleasure.” Their hands shook. There was something about her, a sensuous look. She knew everything about him, she read his book. “Well good luck Carla.” he said with a smile. “Thanks for …

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