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‘Find a new place for jet skis’

A COMMUNITY activist has appealed to jet ski operators to stop using O’Briensbridge for recreational purposes after a swan was seriously injured following a recent alleged incident. Former O’Briensbridge Community Group chairman, Jack Byrnes has also expressed concern that up to 30 extreme swimmers who swim in the area throughout the year may not be seen and could be hit by a speeding jet ski. Mr Byrnes has been watching a male and female swan in the locality for about 20 years. Last year, the female swan had to be rescued after she was caught up in a fishing tackle on the river. Because of this trauma, he believes that she mated late and subsequently her eggs didn’t hatch out. However, this year he was delighted when she had six signets. He believes the male swan got attacked by a mink, and had recovered before he was hit by a jet ski recently. With the assistance of Michelle Hastings and …

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council tests reveal O’Briensbridge white scum is “non-toxic”

TESTS undertaken by Clare County Council laboratory technicians have revealed that an unusual white scum on large tracts of the banks of the River Shannon is “non-toxic”. Former O’Briensbridge Community Group chairman, Jack Byrnes requested Clare County Council, Waterways Ireland and EPA to investigate the origin of a massive spider’s web of white scum, which is left on vast tracts of land from the Pattern Weir all the way to Castleconnell after the last flooding. Mr Byrnes said the worst example of this scum was underneath his house, which was deposited all over the river bank about five feet above the normal water level. “It is like someone got a paint brush and painted all the river bank down along from Parteen Weir to Castleconnell for more than four kilometres. It is like a whitewash but you can’t get it off the stones. “I have contacted farmers who have animals as I am concerned it could be toxic. It could …

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