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beef farmers suspend “illegal blockade” at Kepak

Protesting beef farmers have officially halted their 24-hour “illegal blockade” outside a local meat factory to allow fellow beef producers sell livestock to address cash flow and specification issues. Clare beef farmers suspended their picket from the Kepak plant in Drumquin from midnight on Friday night. However, the Independent Farmers’ Group has warned protests will resume if progress is not made in relation to price and engagement with the producer organisations. In a statement issued earlier this week, Kepak the company claimed its Clare plant has been the most severely affected of sites by the “Beef Plan Movement’s illegal blockades”, with all processing suspended there effectively since August 2. “Kepak have now laid off 1,400 people including all staff at Kepak Clare. Kepak is endeavouring to provide our colleagues with every support and assistance during this difficult time. “It is now evident that self-appointed protesters are creating chaos in the Irish beef industry with little regard for its long-term future,” …

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