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A busy month at Hogsprickle

August has been a really busy month at The Hogsprickle. A young hoglet about three-months-old was found near St Flannan’s with a nasty strimmer injury, which had caused a gaping wound along his back and the poor little guy had to have an emergency operation. Unfortunately, due to the extent of his wounds, he lost his fight. Two other hedgehogs came in with hind leg and foot injuries and again emergency operations were needed. These guys are doing well and will be ready for release in a few weeks. We also had a call about a female hedgehog who had fallen into a cattle grid. She had been there for perhaps a week or so and was very dehydrated and thin, she wasn’t expected to live the night. She had emergency fluids and treatment and after a day or so, she was eating and drinking well. She has put on weight and has had an injury on her hind leg …

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Nature’s new year wake up

THE new year has arrived mild and wet. Nature is getting confused here at The Hogsprickle; we have flowers blooming that should be asleep. Our hedgehogs are all awake, hungry and grumpy and, unfortunately, it still too early to release them, so they will continue to enjoy their B&B here until the weather is mild enough for them to go into the outside runs to acclimatise, before release back to the wild. The birds that were released during last year are, mostly, still around, as the garden is full of birds looking for an easy meal. Fat balls and bird seeds are an important supplement at this time, as the birds now need to put on condition and attract a mate ready to raise this year’s family. Although it’s mild, you still need to keep an eye out for wildlife that may be injured or made homeless due to the heavy rainfall flooding ground nests of hedgehogs, foxes and other …

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