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Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs, small sociable friends

  GUINEA pigs make fantastic pets for children and adults, as they are happy, sociable little animals that “talk” back and can be house-trained. The young are born exact replicas of their parents, with eyes open, full coat and able to run around. The young should be handled very gently and carefully from around two weeks old to get them socialised and used to people. When a sow is pregnant, her need for Vitamin C doubles and as guinea pigs cannot synthesis the vitamin, it is important that we provide it every day in their food. A Vitamin C tablet dissolved in their water, rosehip syrup or blackcurrant juice is a useful addition to their diet. Feed a good-quality commercial food, like Supa Guinea, once a day in small amounts, along with good quality vegetables and some fruit. Lettuce can be harmful if fed in large quantities and overfeeding green food can cause an upset in the gut. Do not …

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