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Norton eliminated after eighth count

THE results of the eighth count are in, which was the distribution of Timmy Dooley’s surplus of 749 votes. No candidate was elected so Ann Norton, fancied by some in the early stages of the campaign before Harty’s entrance, has been eliminated. The full results of the eighth count are Harty (Ind) +155  10,843 Breen (FG) + 25  7,537 Carey (FG) +30  7,062 McDonagh (FF) +390  5,887 McNamara (Lab) +71   5,569 Moran (SF) +25  5,083 Norton (Ind) +53  3,205   Speaking after her elimination Ann Norton said she had a great experience in the campaign and said she will continue to lobby the county’s TDs in her role as a county councillor. “They’ll be continually hearing my voice over the next five years. ”  

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Dooley elected on the seventh count

Finally the first candidate has been elected as Timmy Dooley exceeded the quota on the seventh count. The results of the count were, Dooley (FF) +1,378   12,150 Harty (Ind) +328  10,688 Breen (FG) +92 7,512 Carey (FG) + 138  7,032 McDonagh (FF) +441  5,497 Moran (SF) +101  5058 Norton (Ind) +170  3,152   Timmy Dooley exceeded the quota by 749. That amount of votes are being distributed as his supporters celebrate. Only one vote separates the two Michaels, McDonagh and McNamara. Neither of them look like winning a seat though.

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Sixth count results

  The results of the sixth count, which consisted of the distribution of Fergal Smith’s votes, were, Breen (FG)  +83  7,420 Carey (FG) +116  6,894 Colleran Molloy (FF) +56  2,880 Dooley (FF) +148  10,772 Harty (Ind) +520 10,360 McDonagh (FF) +59 5,056 McNamara (Lab) +549  5,347 Moran (SF) +293  4,957 Norton (Ind) +296 2982 As a result Clare Colleran Molloy is eliminated. Michael McNamara has now overtaken Michael McDonagh for the first time and is 289 votes ahead of him. Timmy Dooley is likely to be the main beneficiary from Clare Colleran Molloy’s exit and may be elected on the next count.

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Fourth count results

  The results of the fourth count were; Breen (FG) +217   6,857 Carey (FG) +47 6,195 Colleran Molloy (FF) +19   2,716 Dooley (FF) +98 10,480 Harty (Ind) +627  9,605 Howard (FG) +21 2,119 McDonagh (FF) +190 4,954 McNamara (Lab) +25  4,672 Moran (SF) +92 4,611 Norton (Ind) +79   2,521 Smith (Green) +52  2,144 There were 48 non transferrable votes. The lowest candidate, Mary Howard, has now been eliminated.

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Results of the third count

The results of the third count are in; Breen (FG) + 19  6,640 Carey (FG) +33  6,148 Colleran Molloy (FF) +24 2,697 Dooley (FF) +90 10,382 Harty (Ind) +166 8,978 Howard (FG) +22 2,098 Lynch (Ind) +40 1,575 McDonagh (FF) +15  4,764 McNamara (Lab) +71  4,587 Moran (SF) +242  4,519 Norton (Ind) +121  2,442 Smith (Green) +328  2,092 Non transferrable votes 45. The lowest candidate, Ian Lynch has now been eliminated.

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‘Champion poll reveals main trends

The recent Clare Champion 2016 General Election opinion poll has generally been borne out on polling day. Apart from some changes in the parties’ actual vote, the ‘Champion poll, which was taken two weeks previously, identified some of the key trends, which transpired on February 26. It revealed the emergence of Dr Michael Harty as a very strong candidate, who looks set to take the second seat in the Banner County. In addition to predicting a seat for outgoing Fianna Fáil Deputy Timmy Dooley and Pat Breen, Fine Gael, it indicated that Sinn Féin candidate, Noeleen Moran would be in contention for the last seat with Labour’s Michael McNamara and Fine Gael Deputy, Joe Carey. Some interesting findings have emerged when comparing the poll with the tally results. According to the tally,  Fianna Fáil is on 31.11% Fine Gael 25.98% Labour 7.8% Sinn Féin 7.18% Independents 23% Fís Nua 1.98% Green 2.95%. The poll  found Fianna Fáil was on 27.91, …

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