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Gardaí warn of bogus call Revenue scam

CLARE people and businesses are being advised by the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau to be mindful of a new startup of Revenue Scam calls, which have occurred regularly in the past. A garda spokesperson explains, “The potential victim receives a phone call from a appears to be an ‘051’ number, similar to a Waterford landline number. These are what are known as Voip numbers – computer generated numbers. “The caller will try to acquire the personal information/data or bank details of the potential victim. This attempt can vary but it is usually the following examples; a tax refund is due or immediate payment for a tax bill is required, sometimes to avoid a criminal prosecution The caller will then ask for the potential victims credit/debit card or bank account details. “The Revenue scam in the past has also used both email and text message as a way of contacting potential victims, this will undoubtedly occur again this time.” The …

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Garda warning on scams

The Garda National Economic Crime Bureau is reminding the public about the dangers of providing personal and financial details to third parties, following a number of recently reported scams. The first relates to a Bank Compromise Fraud (Vishing). The victim was contacted by an individual purporting to be from their bank stating their account had some suspicious transactions. In order to provide a refund, the victim was instructed to send funds via financial money transfer to locations including Nepal, Kenya and Cambodia. The second relates to a fraud targeting Indian and other nationalities after recently travelling to Ireland, who were contacted by phone and told they had incorrectly filled in a form at the airport in their country of origin. They were told their Visa would be invalid and they would be deported unless they sent funds via financial money transfer to India to rectify the issue. Detective Chief Superintendent Patrick Lordan, Garda National Economic Crime Bureau, said, “I want …

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