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Sex offender’s behaviour to be monitored

A MAN who admitted spending nights at an address other than the one provided to gardaí, in contravention of the Sex Offenders Act 2001, had his case adjourned at Ennis District Court on Wednesday. The charge was admitted by the defendant but his solicitor, John Casey claimed he hadn’t properly understood the requirement upon him and regretted it greatly. The court heard that the defendant had been away from the Ennis address provided for more than seven nights between February 14 and March 30, without notifying gardaí. Speaking to the court, Mr Casey said the defendant had been careless about the terms he is bound by and hadn’t understood that staying overnight would be a breach, if he wasn’t changing his address. It was claimed he had been staying overnight at the house of a partner in another part of Ennis and had been returning to the address gardaí were aware of, where he was arrested. The defendant apologised to …

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