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‘Progress’ on mortgage arrears

The Government’s announcement of proposed reforms to assist those in mortgage arrears marks progress and is a recognition that there has been an unfair imbalance in the relationship between lenders and borrowers, according to FLAC (Free Legal Advice Centres). The three elements of proposed reform are: The power of the banks to accept or reject any proposal under the Personal Insolvency scheme, thus giving them a veto, is to be subject to review; The mortgage to rent scheme will be strengthened, with revised property value thresholds; Better information and advice available to borrowers through an enhanced MABS. The proposal relating to the bank veto will give circuit court judges the power to overrule an unreasonable refusal by a lender to accept a debtor’s proposed insolvency arrangement. This is a rebalancing of power and should lead to greater fairness. However, the legal rights group pointed out that there is still no provision for FLAC’s long-standing recommendation of a Public Insolvency Practitioner …

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Budget not enough to ‘protect basic rights’

A wide-ranging survey of civil society organisations published this Thursday indicates that while Budget 2015 may have offered some positive measures for various social groups, it does not go far enough to restore or protect basic rights downgraded over several years of austerity. Despite the increases in welfare rates and payments, organisations working in areas right across society – social welfare, minorities, health, children, LGBT, women, disabled persons, education and older people – saw either no change or a reduction in accessibility to rights from Budget 2015, according to FLAC (Free Legal Advice Centres). The survey was conducted by FLAC and its PILA project on some 39 organisations across all areas of society in the aftermath of Budget 2015. “These results show that groups do recognise that some efforts were bring made by Government, but it is interesting to note that there was no sense of elation or even cautious optimism across the 39 participating bodies. Most felt there was …

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