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Warning on wildfire risks

Farmers, landowners and anyone enjoying the recreational opportunities of our countryside have been warned to behave responsibly and within the law with regard to lighting fires. Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine with responsibility for forestry, Andrew Doyle has reminded farmers, forest owners, forest managers and the public of the need to be alert to the risk of wildfires over the coming months. “An inherent risk of fire exists during spring months on certain types of land, particularly in upland areas and that high fire risk conditions can be expected over the coming spring and summer months, when weather conditions dictate,” stated the minister. Recalling the major wildfires in recent years that destroyed or damaged property, including farmland and forests, he added, “Such fires directly endanger people’s homes and property and destroy valuable habitats and tourism resources. Furthermore, they place enormous strain on the emergency services and put the lives of rural dwellers and …

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High risk of wildfires

Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Tom Hayes has today reminded forest owners and managers, farmers and members of the public of the need to be alert to the risk of wildfires over the coming weeks. “In recent years we have experienced a number of major wildfires that destroyed or damaged property, including farmland and forests. These events endanger people’s homes, place enormous strain on the resources of the emergency services and put the lives of rural dwellers and emergency service personnel at considerable risk,” he said. The minister noted that following dry weather patterns, a wildfire risk can quickly develop in all areas where flammable vegetation such as grasses, gorse and heather are present, especially in proximity to forests and other assets. He has asked land owners, rural dwellers and other land users to maintain a high degree of vigilance regarding fire over the coming months. Suspicious activity should be reported to the gardaí and uncontrolled or …

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Assessing your forestry value

The IFA’s new Forest Assessor service is to be outlined to farmers from the Mid-West at a special demonstration in Templeglantine next Tuesday night. Forest Assessor is a new service offered by IFA that independently analyses forests so that farmers know the value of their forest before going to the market. IFA Farm Forestry chairman, Michael Fleming said, “Forest Assessor uses the most up-to-date technology to measure plots within the forest and then produces a report for farmers showing expected harvest volumes. The report provides a detailed breakdown of timber products as well as the potential value of the timber, based on the latest timber market report. “Knowing the value of your timber before you harvest gives you more power when negotiating with potential buyers”, said Mr. Fleming. “The more knowledge you have on your forest, the more opportunity there is to capture value and maximise your return while protecting the long-term productivity of the forest”. A local farmer who …

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Biofuel the route to more jobs

CONVERTING by-products to biofuel, particularly residues from agriculture, forestry and food processing, can deliver a significant jobs boost, but only if the right policies are put in place now, according to An Taisce. James Nix, policy director of An Taisce notes that “the better use of by-products could create up to 300,000 jobs across the EU and supply some 16% of road transport demand – but only if this sector is maximised,” he said in commenting on a new report,  Wasted: Europe’s untapped resource. The report, backed by a range of industries and environment organisations, found that provided the right safeguards are put in place significant volumes of wastes and residues could be converted to biofuels without creating sustainability problems. Key by-products highlighted by the study include residues from timber-processing as well as residues from harvesting certain food crops. The report draws particular attention to the recovery of increased volumes of used cooking oil, something it pinpoints as having the potential …

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Killaloe forester’s international success story

By Dan Danaher A RANDOM meeting with Taoiseach Enda Kenny blossomed into a great working relationship with one of the co-founders of an innovative award-winning tree mapping company, who has strong links with Killaloe. Enda Keane, who was educated in Killaloe, met Mr Kenny by chance at Merrion Square, Dublin back in December 2011 and they spent about 30 minutes talking about his business, Treemetrics, which has won and been nominated for numerous national and international awards. Born in Cork, Enda and his family moved to Killaloe when he was nine.His father, Paddy was a wildlife officer with the National Parks and Wildlife Service so it was no great surprise when Enda followed in his footsteps by studying forestry in UCG and UCD. In addition to delivering an address at an official function at Treemetrics’ headquarters in Cork two years ago, the Taoiseach also gave the company a huge boost to their international profile by citing them as one of …

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