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Family doctors braced for rush on flu vaccinations

PRESSURE will increase on already stretched GP-services as a flu vaccination scheme is extended from the middle of next month. While the move to offer free vaccination to children aged between two and 12 has been welcomed in a bid to avoid a second wave of Covid-19 coinciding with an upsurge in flu, concerns have been voiced about the knock-on impact on other services. “If, as we expect, over half a million children are to get flu vaccinations from mid-October, that will mean that hundreds of thousands of appointments will be taken up,” she noted. “Children will have to be Covid-screened before vaccination and monitored afterwards. There is no way that this won’t have a knock-on effect. People will have to wait long for other services and we’d ask them to remember that this for the common good. Children rarely get very sick with flu and this measure is part of a plan to protect older and more vulnerable people …

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Stay clear of Limerick hospital

Members of the public to consider all their care options before presenting to the emergency department at University Hospital Limerick. The hospital is currently managing high volumes of patients, including a surge in flu cases and significant volumes of frail elderly patients with chronic conditions and complex care needs. The 266 patients who attended the ED on Monday, February 19th was the highest ever recorded for a single day. The pattern has continued all week, averaging at over 200 attendances per day. On Monday, February 12, there were 12 flu cases admitted across the Group. Today (Friday) the number of patients with flu being accommodated across the Group stands at 26. UL Hospitals Group can confirm that at 8am on today, there were 47 admitted patients in the ED at UHL. This included patients who were being accommodated in some of the 49 single rooms/designated bays within the new department. It included, for example, 13 patients who were appropriately isolated …

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Stay clear of Ennis hospital

Visiting restrictions are in place at Ennis Hospital following an outbreak of seasonal influenza. As of 4pm on this Friday there were two confirmed cases of seasonal influenza in the hospital, with six further patients who are symptomatic and pending confirmation. The Health Protection and Surveillance Centre has urged people in high-risk groups (see below) to get vaccinated against flu as the number of reported cases of influenza-like illness (ILI) in Ireland continues to increase. UL Hospitals Group has asked that members of the public respect the current restrictions on visiting at Ennis Hospital. Visiting is restricted to one person per patient during visiting hours only (2pm to 4pm and 6pm to 9pm). People with flu symptoms, those feeling generally unwell and the under-16s are urged to stay away from the hospital at this time. “We regret any inconvenience caused by the restrictions, which are being implemented in the interests of patient care,” spokesperson for the hospital group said. High-risk groups are: All those aged …

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University Hospital Limerick.

Visitor restrictions at Limerick hospital

VISITOR restrictions remain in force at University Hospital Limerick this Tuesday and every precaution is being taken in the context of the current high incidence of flu in the Mid-West. Nationally, the influenza-like illness (ILI) consultation rate per 100,000 of the population has increased steadily since January of this year. And the ILI consultation rate per 100,000 in the MidWest was double the national rate for the week ending February 7. This is being reflected in the hospital population and UHL can confirm that it currently has 19 confirmed and four suspected cases of influenza A.Every precaution is being taken in this busy flu season and management and staff are working with their community colleagues to monitor, treat and contain instances of flu-like illness. To ensure that we are able to protect vulnerable patients, UL Hospitals Group are asking people who are considering visiting a friend or relative at UHL to ensure they do not visit if they have flu-like …

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