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Financial fears for Clare sports clubs after lockdowns

A NUMBER of sports clubs in Clare could “go to the wall,” after being unable to fundraise during the pandemic, a local councillor has warned. Councillor Mark Nestor told the May meeting of Clare County Council that while everyone welcomes the fact that clubs are allowed to return to some of their activities, concerns are mounting over their financial viability in the aftermath of the lockdowns. “It’s great that clubs can now go back to their activities,” he said. “That’s a very welcome thing, but some have been in touch about their rental costs when it comes to accessing facilities. It’s particularly true for soccer clubs. For example, they might have to rent twice in the week with training and then for their games. In some cases, they simply cannot meet the financial costs. That’s down to the fact they haven’t been able to fundraise for over a year. Some clubs have informed me that they will go to the …

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