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Trump Sons Receive Warm Doonbeg Welcome

ERIC Trump and Donald Trump Junior, the sons of United States President, Donald Trump came to Doonbeg to press the flesh on Wednesday night, and what a welcome they got. The two businessmen went into every pub in the village and were met with rapturous applause and shouts of “welcome”, which were only heightened when they announced to the patrons that they were buying everyone a drink. There was much anticipation throughout the town as the evening wore on that the brothers would venture into the village, as they are known to come in on occasion when they are staying in the hotel. When a group of secret service staff came to dine at Morrissey’s pub, the locals quickly gathered outside the bar and restaurant expecting the Trumps to also emerge. It was nearly an hour before they did make their appearance and the long wait had some villagers worrying about missing ‘Love Island’, while another older gentleman commented, ‘Who …

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Eric Trump arrives in Doonbeg

ERIC Trump has arrived in Doonbeg and it is expected that he will be staying there for the few days. President Trump’s 34 year old son is understood to be visiting with a group of friends and as well as playing golf, some business is also on his agenda. Security personnel have been in the Doonbeg area for a few days already, making preparations for his arrival. “I have 60 ice creams sent up to him this morning,” said local retailer Rita McInerney early this afternoon. She said she was pleased that Eric was visiting and that the fact he is bringing friends here may result in further benefits for the area. Mr Trump’s visit comes at a time when Doonbeg is experiencing its highest temperatures for many years. On another recent visit of his the Long Village was battered by a storm which saw the hotel’s power going down, so he has certainly seen extremities during his trips to …

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Eric Trump anger at media “attacks” on Barron (11)

THE Trump family’s relationship with the American media, particularly CNN and the New York Times could not be described as convivial. However, speaking to The Clare Champion in Doonbeg this week, Eric Trump has expressed particular distaste for how elements of the American media have written or spoken about his brother Barron, who turned 11 last month. “There was an unspoken rule for years that you do not attack the (young) children of the President of the United States. They have nothing to do with the administration. They didn’t have any part in being put in that role. They are very willing to attack him and I find that awful. They are willing to attack (sister) Tiffany as well. If they attack me the difference is I was out on the campaign trail, side by side with him for 18 months. I put myself in the cross fire so tee off on me but it’s sad when they do it …

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€30m Trump investment dependent on planning

SHOULD Trump International in Doonbeg be successful in obtaining planning permission from Clare County Council to build revised coastal projection works on Doughmore beach, next to the resort, the owners will implement a €30 million investment programme. Eric Trump, who runs the Trump organisation with his brother Donald Junior, spoke at length about his plans to The Clare Champion on Tuesday evening. He was on a two-day visit to West Clare. While he offered views on issues ranging from US President Donald Trump’s decision to bomb an air base in Syria to a possible hard post-Brexit border, the 33-year-old was keen to stress his personal commitment to the Doonbeg resort. “It’s tens of millions. Easily €30m, when everything is said and done,” he confirmed when asked about potential investment plans, pending the planning application. “We have a massive plan for an unbelievable ballroom here, which will create hundreds of construction jobs, as well as full-time jobs. We have plans to …

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Trumps to revisit Doonbeg

FOLLOWING their short visit to the newly re-branded Trump International Golf Links Ireland in Doonbeg last week, the new owners will be back in West Clare next week. Donald Junior and Eric Trump held talks last week with golf club management as they outlined their plans for their new purchase. However on Wednesday a golf club spokesperson said that “nothing firm” has been decided upon, with regard to adding to the facilities at the five star resort. However, speaking last Thursday morning, while the Trump brothers were at the Doonbeg resort, general manager, Joe Russell said that, in his view, the golf club will be added to. “For me, we expand our facilities. I don’t have the definitive yet as to what they’re thinking about doing. But there will be things put in to grow the business. I know from my experience what’s needed to grow the business,” Mr Russell told The Clare Champion. “We’re going on to the field …

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Trumps get down to business in Doonbeg

THE Trump family had quite an adventure travelling to Doonbeg in West Clare. Flights from London and Birmingham were cancelled as the storm took hold on Wednesday. Eventually, the Trump brothers, Eric and Don, left England on a flight for Dublin, which was subsequently diverted to Shannon. So after all of that, they reached Doonbeg, ironically ahead of their re-arranged schedule, on Wednesday night. “It was a journey to say the least,” Eric Trump told The Clare Champion early on Thursday morning, at the rebranded Trump International Golf Links Ireland club in Doonbeg. “A couple of flights cancelled, a lot of storms, a lot of diversions and a lot of waiting in airports. But it’s obviously great to be here,” he added. Ahead of an array of meetings with Doonbeg management, Eric Trump was keen to stress that the family’s attention will be firmly on Doonbeg in the coming months. “A significant focus. We have a lot of golf clubs, …

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Playing the trump card at Doonbeg

ERIC Trump of the Trump Organisation, who have purchased Doonbeg Golf Club for €15m, has told The Clare Champion that his company intend to invest heavily in the west Clare links property. The Trump family will be in Doonbeg on Wednesday to mark their purchase of the iconic west Clare property. “It has to be the best. It has to be great and it can be. We’re going to put a lot of money in the golf course and into the hotel. The property already is amazing. It’s always nice when it doesn’t need much work but we’re going to put a lot of money into it and make it even better,” Mr Trump said on Tuesday. The Trump Organisation own 16 golf courses world wide, along with eleven hotels. Mr Trump says that making the decision to purchase Doonbeg Golf Club was not an difficult one. “Everybody that we talked to about Doonbeg always raves about it. They always …

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