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Embrace Autism on World Autism Day

ENNIS Voices for Autism (EVA) has urged people in the Mid-West to learn more about Autism and how to accept Autistic people – children and adults alike. The group issued an appeal to embrace the Autistic community on World Autism Day (today). Originally World Autism Day was about awareness, but in more recent times the emphasis has moved on to acceptance of Autism and more importantly acceptance of Autistic people. Autism Acceptance Month gives Clare people an opportunity to celebrate the Autistic community, highlight the challenges Autistic people face in the county and educate the wider public to gain a better understanding of Autistic people in their own community. Autism is a complex, invisible condition, which a person is born with. It is a developmental condition, which means that the way a person communicates, interacts and understands other people, and the world, is different to those who do not have the condition. It can be described as a “spectrum”, which …

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Plans unveiled for re-opening of special schools

Plans have been unveiled for the re-opening of schools for children with special needs in Clare next Thursday much to the relief of local parents who have struggled to cope with the blanket school closure.   CLARE parents of children with special needs are hoping that Education Minister Normal Foley delivers on her promise of a phased re-opening of special schools next Thursday. In a letter sent to school principals on Friday, the Department of Education stated pupils in special schools will attend on alternate days, while pupils in specials classes in mainstream primary schools will attend every day. The department also outlined pupils with significant additional needs in mainstream classes in primary schools will have access to in-school teaching and learning. “All staff, including all teachers and special needs assistants, who work in special schools should return to work , other than in circumstances provided for by the occupational health scheme, or whose staff are on approved leave. Concern …

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Councillor Norton expresses concerns over July Provision delay

EDUCATION for children with special needs shouldn’t be stopped, despite the challenges posed by Covid-19, according to a local councillor. Councillor Ann Norton, who is concerned about the delay in rolling out July Provision, said this grant should have been allocated at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic last March to give parents the option of availing of one-to-one tuition for their child. She proposed young student teachers who can’t get work experience could have been tasked with providing home tuition with all the necessary safeguards such as using personal protective equipment and the teacher conducting the work in one room with the child and without any contact with other people. “Children with special needs can’t sit around day after day after day. They need education and activities. “Parents still don’t know if July Provision is going ahead. There is no reason why a parent couldn’t get a teacher in for a few hours before children go back to school,” …

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Autism Specialist to talk in Glór

Dee Hogan, a behaviour and education integrated specialist, will give a talk at a public information and film night in Glór this Thursday night at 8 pm. Ms Hogan has over 30 years experience working in the area of special needs. She is a qualified Montessori teacher with a Master’s Degree in Special Education Autism from the University of Birmingham; and has a number of other qualifications. In addition to teaching in an autism unit attached to a mainstream school in North Tipperary, she is also a member of the team at the Child Development Centre in Galway. She provides training for teachers, third level students, parents and professionals with a specialised focus on behavioural interventions, autism, functional social skills and the design of highly-motivating individual education plans. She assists teachers to promote positive behaviour and manage challenging behaviour in and out of the classroom. There will also be a screening of the short movie Mission to Lars – a semi-documentary …

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