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GALLERY: Ennis Educate Together’s celebration of cultures

ENNIS Educate Together National School had a winter fair at the school last Friday, looking at different countries and how they celebrate different aspects of their culture. Speaking about it, Deputy Principal Aoiffe Lynch said, “We’re an Educate Together School, a multi denominational school, so we have lots of different cultures within our school. “The only difference between ourselves and other schools would be that we don’t teach religion, we teach ethical education, which is teaching them about all the different religious traditions.   “With this we selected different countries to represent some of the students in our school, each class got to research a country and celebrate its cultures, religions through art, music, drama, poetry and dance. “We had a full winter fair and all the children got a passport to go into all the different countries. “Parents were invited in, a lot of them had cooked home made traditional dishes from their countries so there was a tasting …

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GALLERY: Pupils and teachers celebrate growing school ‘Together’

THE “wonderful addition” 44 children from Ukraine have made to Ennis Educate Together school has been highlighted by principal David Quinn at the school’s recent celebration day. The event also presented an opportunity to showcase the quite literal growth of a new project which has resulted in a sunflower, the national flower of Ukraine, planted for every pupil in the school. As well as welcoming the school’s new enrolments, the day was a celebration for the entire school and offered an opportunity for families to visit for the first time since Covid-19. On the day Ennis Educate Together’s youngest pupil Oleksandr  and oldest pupil Melisa helped raise the school flag with its newly designed logo featuring new school colours, chosen with input from the children. Mr Quinn explained, “The children’s voice is very important in our school. Last year we surveyed the children in third to sixth classes to choose our schools colours and to add them to our school …

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