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‘Shocking’ rise in domestic abuse in second lockdown last year

NEW figures reveal that three Clare children were forced to spend Christmas Day in a refuge because of domestic abuse in their home. The data, which highlights the added pressure on the refuge operated by Clare Haven during the second lockdown last year, have been described by the service manager as “shocking”. Figures contained in the national report ‘Tracking the Shadow Pandemic – Lockdown 2,’ show that ten women and 17 children were given refuge, safety and security at Clare Haven in the month of November. A further 72 helpline calls were received to the service in that month alone, where we gave emotional support and information to women living with domestic abuse. A total of four women and 13 children were given refuge in December. Over the course of 2020, 88 women were in refuge in Clare up from the 79 in 2019 and 81 in 2018. “Even in an extraordinary time of crisis, these numbers are shocking,” said …

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