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Trump Doonbeg further information queried

IN a submission to Clare County Council, relating to the further information supplied to the local authority by Trump International Golf Links regarding their planning application for coastal erosion management works, An Taisce claims that the information has not adequately addressed the ecological issues with the application. Clare County Council is due to give a decision on December 21 on the planning application, which seeks to obtain permission to construct coastal projection works on Doughmore Beach. In recent years, the resort has been hit by a number of instances of flooding. “This is largely because they are erroneously conflating the erosion of the dune frontage, as a result of the golf course stopping the dunes’ movement with the natural erosion associated with normal dune dynamics. That, in turn, has led them to claim that the do-nothing scenario will be ‘profoundly detrimental’ to the dune habitats. So the premise of all of their arguments, that the proposed walls will help the …

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Trump resigns as director of Doonbeg Golf resort

Donald Trump has resigned as director of the companies behind his golf resort and hotel in Doonbeg. Submissions to the Companies Registration Office show that Mr Trump stepped down as a director of the two companies which operated Trump International Golf Links and Hotel in Doonbeg on January 19, a day before his inauguration as US President. TIGL Ireland Enterprises Ltd and TIGL Ireland Management Ltd, which are behind the Trump International Golf Links and Hotel in Doonbeg, continue to list Mr Trump’s children Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr as directors. The move follows a pledge by Mr Trump to resign all of his directorships in order to avoid any conflict of interest as US President. The Doonbeg resort was acquired by Mr Trump in 2014 for around €8.7million. It was valued at €23 million by the businessman just one year later in financial disclosures filed with the Federal Election Commission. Newly filed accounts show that the company incurred a …

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When is a wall not a wall?

WHILE Donald Trump is planning to build a wall between American and Mexico if elected United States President this November, his “small potatoes” resort in West Clare has applied to Clare County Council to construct a €10 million “beach augmentation” coastal protection barrier, which management insist is not a wall. If planning permission is granted to Trump International Golf Links and Hotel Ireland in Doonbeg to proceed with their 2.8km long beach augmentation plans, which would constitute the use of 200,000 tonnes of limestone, it will take eight months to complete the project. In their submission to the council, consultants warned that if planning permission is not granted, the resort may have to close. The consultants also claim that the West Clare economy would benefit to the tune of €38m, between 2017 and 2024, if permission is granted. A detailed non-technical summary, issued by resort management, states that the development will involve placing limestone rock armour in the vicinity of …

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Business booming at Doonbeg

JOE RUSSELL, general manager of Trump International Golf Links and Hotel Ireland in Doonbeg,  has said the five star west Clare resort is currently experiencing its busiest month since opening in 2006. Currently the golf club and lodge employees 230 full and part-time people. Acknowledging that early year uncertainty adversely affected trade in Doonbeg, following receivership and the winter storms, Joe Russell says that business has picked up considerably in recent months. “With the receivership it was slow to start off and obviously coming out of the storm, that had an impact on our golf business at the beginning of the year. But we have done a tremendous amount of work in the last number of months and August has been our best ever month since we opened. July was very strong, August is stronger and September will be strong. We’re also looking at a good October. While the early part of the year was tough going, giving everything that went …

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Snail putts Tump links planning on holed

Plans  for coastal protection works at the Donald Trump-owned Trump International Golf Links in Doonbeg have been put on hold after Clare County Council requested further information. The request seeks information on the potential impact of the proposed works on the habitat of the Vertigo Angustior snail. The development being sought by TIGL Ireland Enterprises Ltd relates to coastal erosion management works at Carrowmore Dunes, White Strand, Doughmore Bay and Trump International Golf Links and Hotel, Doonbeg. It consists of the re-profiling of sand dune slopes and ancillary marram planting, sand trap fencing and golf course repairs at three locations within the Carrowmore Sand Dune System; temporary construction compound within the hotel complex and access to the beach during construction via the public access track off Mountrivers Road. The applicant states that a Natura Impact Statement would be submitted to Clare County Council with the planning application. In its request for further information, Clare County Council said, “Having regard to the …

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