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Government strategy to reduce obesity

As the Government publishes new National Obesity Strategy,  a survey finds less than one-in-five adults feel they eat a balanced diet and exercise enough. Only 18% of Irish adults feel that they eat a balanced diet and get enough exercise according to the survey from leading Irish pharmacy chain, LloydsPharmacy.The survey, which was carried out by Amárach Research on behalf of LloydsPharmacy, surveyed a representative sample of 1,000 Irish adults on their attitudes and experience of diet, exercise and leading a healthy lifestyle. The survey was conducted earlier this month and comes as the Government today (Thursday) publishes its new National Obesity Strategy. The survey findings were released as LloydsPharmacy, in conjunction with its ambassador, model and personal trainer, Maeve Madden, officially launched its Health for Life initiative. In addition, to providing a number of healthcare testing services in-store such as body-mass-index (BMI), blood pressure and cholesterol testing and on-going expert advice available from instore pharmacists, LloydsPharmacy has also commenced the roll-out …

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Niamh McMahon

Niamh’s Weightwatchers Diary

Don’t forget, Niamh’s reveal of her full makeover will be in this week’s Champion. On sale this Thursday.   Tuesday April 21st Breakfast 7:15 Two slices of Be Good bread with a banana and a green tea. Mid morning 10:00 A green tea and a yoghurt. Lunch 12:45 A tuna wrap with a side salad and an orange with a glass of water. Dinner 17:30 Home made chicken curry with loads of vegetables and wholemeal rice and a pint of water. Snack 20:00 A green tea and a Weightwatchers bar. Wednesday March 22nd Breakfast 7:15 Two crumpets with a teaspoon of Weightwatchers jam and a green tea. Mid morning 12:00 A coffee and two Weightwatchers ginger cookies. Lunch 14:00 A chicken salad wrap and side salad with a glass of water. Dinner 18:00 A baked potato with tuna and corn with side salad and a pint of water. Snack 20:00 A green tea. Thursday April 23rd Breakfast 7:15 Two poached …

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Niamh McMahon’s Weightwatcher diary

Below is a complete food diary from Niamh, showing how with careful diet and exercise, weight loss can be achieved: Tuesday February 17 Breakfast – 7:15 – Poached egg, slice of porridge bread with a weight watchers’ yoghurt and a green tea. Mid Morning – 10:30 – A pear and a mandarin orange. Lunch – 13:00 – Two crumpets with a teaspoon of sweet freedom honey and a cup of green tea. Dinner – 17:00 – A breast of chicken roasted in the oven with carrots, peas, corn and a scoop of mash with a glass of water. Snack – 19:30 – Three tablespoons of sugar free jelly with two tablespoons of stewed apple. Wednesday February 18 Breakfast – 7:15 – Two crumpets with banana and a green tea. Mid morning – 11:00 – Two slices of porridge bread and a cup of coffee. Lunch – 14:00 – Had a bowl of carrot and coriander soup with a slice of …

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Gaining confidence, inch by inch

FOR the last few months, Mark Kearney has been drawing puzzled glances from people he meets on the streets, even from people he has known for years. He is close to unrecognisable from the man he was on St Patrick’s Day, after shedding almost 11 stone in the space of seven months. The weight loss came after a religiously-observed diet and the re-introduction of exercise into his life. When he started the weight loss programme in April, Mark, who lives in Ennis, was 25 stone and nine pounds but when he finished in early October, he was down to 14 stone and 11 pounds, a fairly appropriate weight for his 6’5 frame. It’s hardly surprising that he wasn’t satisfied with life at 25 stone and he says the weight was draining the positives from him in all sorts of ways. “Being that weight was affecting my whole life. Going in for interviews for jobs [he was then unemployed], it was …

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