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Weightlifting improves depressive symptoms

A new study measuring the effects of resistance training on people with depression has revealed that activities such as weightlifting result in significant improvements in depressive symptoms. A review of 33 clinical trials, comprising 1,877 participants in total, found that when compared to non-active control conditions, resistance training was comparable in effect to frontline treatments such as antidepressant and behavioural therapies. The study, entitled Association of Efficacy of Resistance Exercise Training With Depressive Symptoms; Meta-analysis and Meta-regression Analysis of Randomized Clinical Trials, was published online in JAMA Psychiatry. Brett R. Gordon of the Physical Education and Sport Sciences Department at University of Limerick said, “The effect of strength training on symptoms of depression compares to the effects of other common treatments, like antidepressant medication and behavioural therapies. Strength training or weight lifting, is free from the negative side effects and high costs of many medications and therapies. Strength or resistance training can also be carried out alongside the other therapies.” …

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