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8th Amendment Count Live

Updates from the Clare count centre in Shannon following Friday’s vote on the Eighth Amendment. 2.50pm That concludes today’s updates from the Shannon count centre, it has certainly been a resounding yes vote in Clare. For full in depth analysis of the referendum in the county make sure to pick up next week’s Clare Champion. 2:46pm Clare has voted yes. From an electorate of 83,225 there was a total valid poll of 53,407 with 34,328 in favour of the proposal and 19,079 against. This means Clare voted yes by 64.2% to 35.8%. The announcement was greeted with cheers of approval from the remaining yes campaigners in the count centre. 2:33pm Counting complete here, but the returning officer needs the all clear from Dublin before making an announcement. 1.29pm SeamusRyan was involved in the preparation of the tallies at today’s count, having spent the last number of weeks campaigning for Together for Yes. The organisation had canvassed over 21,000 houses in …

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Carey camp were ‘fairly down’ after Champion poll

THREE of the four TDs addressed the crowd at the count centre in the Falls Hotel, with Timmy Dooley the sole absentee. Acknowledging  things didn’t look good a few weeks ago Joe Carey said, “When the Clare Champion poll came out we were fairly down. People said we’ll give you a vote but you probably don’t have a chance,” he said  of the poll that predicted his political demise. He quipped, “I’d like to say thank you to the Clare Champion,” something that was met with cheers and laughter from his supporters, who were in flying form after their man’s win. Pat Breen said it it was “a very difficult campaign” and promised the four TDs will work for the county which he says must benefit from the recovery. Michael Harty praised his team, saying sometimes there were more people involved than places to canvass such was the support. He praised everyone who put their name forward saying it takes …

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McNamara out after examination of McDonagh votes

AFTER Michael McDonagh’s votes were examined it became clear there was no need for a further recount, an exhausted Michael McNamara acknowledged this morning, as he exited the race. The gap of 85 was reduced to 81, but it wasn’t enough and a haggard looking McNamara admitted recent weeks have taken a toll on him. “I’ve been exhausted for about two weeks now. It’s hard, people who haven’t been in an election campaign mightn’t realise quite how hard it can be, physically demanding. But I’m not unique in that, no doubt there are 15 other candidates who are equally exhausted.” Reflecting on his five years in the Dáil, the Scariff man said, “I personally think the country is in a better place than it was in 2011. Not as good as I’d like but much better than it was. I’ll take pride in the fact that I supported a Government that left the country in a better place and also …

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Sixth count results

  The results of the sixth count, which consisted of the distribution of Fergal Smith’s votes, were, Breen (FG)  +83  7,420 Carey (FG) +116  6,894 Colleran Molloy (FF) +56  2,880 Dooley (FF) +148  10,772 Harty (Ind) +520 10,360 McDonagh (FF) +59 5,056 McNamara (Lab) +549  5,347 Moran (SF) +293  4,957 Norton (Ind) +296 2982 As a result Clare Colleran Molloy is eliminated. Michael McNamara has now overtaken Michael McDonagh for the first time and is 289 votes ahead of him. Timmy Dooley is likely to be the main beneficiary from Clare Colleran Molloy’s exit and may be elected on the next count.

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All constituency boxes open with Dooley and Harty leading the race

ALL 147 ballot boxes in the Clare constituency for General Election 2016 have been opened at the Fall’s Hotel, Ennistymon. By early afternoon after all the boxes were opened tally figures show a strong lead for Fianna Fáil’s Timmy Dooley with 10,059 votes. First time candidate Independent Dr Michael Harty is coming in strong on 8,454, Fine Gael TD Pat Breen 6576, Fine Gael TD Joe Carey on 5,940, Fianna Fáil’s Michael ‘Malty’ McDonagh is on 4,750, Labour TD Michael McNamara 4,394, Sinn Féin’s Noeleen Moran 4,095, Fianna Fáil’s Clare Colleran Molloy 2,729. Independent Ann Norton 2,202, Fine Gael’s Mary Howard, 2058, Independent Ian Lynch, 1465, Green Party’s Fergal Smith, 1666, Fís Nua’s Niamh O’Brien, 1113 and both Independent Dermot Mulqueen and Independent André Sibo Hakizimana on 63 votes. Jessica Quinn

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Clare Election

In the Killaloe area, Joe Cooney of Fine Gael , as expected, will be comfortably elected, as will Independent Michael Begley.  Next home will be Tony O Brien, Fianna Fail and Pat Hayes of Fianna Fail. At this stage, it appears that outgoung Mayor of Clare Joe Arkins of Fine Gael will have a fight on his hands to retain his seat. Liam Wiley, Fianna Fail and Pat Burke of Fine Gael are among those who will be in contention for the remaining seats. [doptg id=”14″]

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