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John Crowe is Mayor of Clare

Councillor John Crowe of Sixmilebridge was elected Mayor of Clare at the county council AGM held on this Friday afternoon. Councillor Crowe was nominated by poll topper Joe Cooney and seconded by Independent Gerry Flynn. The Fine Gael councillor is the county’s outgoing deputy mayor. Councillor Crowe will  be the only Fine Gael member to hold the position of mayor over the five-year term of the new authority. Two Fianna Fáil  members will have the honour of holding office, while the “technical group”, consisting of the seven Independents and one Sinn Féin, will also have two terms of office. Fianna Fáil’s Councillor Tony O’ Brien of the Killaloe Electoral area was elected deputy mayor for the coming year. Councillor O’Brien was re-elected to the council last month having lost his seat in the 2009 local election. Mayor Crowe paid tribute to the councillors who lost their seats and who retired. He said he was “delighted to be part of a power-sharing agreement …

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Marking the end of Ennis Town Council

THE abolition of Ennis Town Council is set to be marked with a civic event. Initial details of the planned event were unveiled at a meeting of the local authority which is set to be abolished this summer. At the meeting, Councillor Michael Guilfoyle stated that councillors, former councillors, staff and former staff should “receive recognition for their commitment and foresight in the development of the town.” He commented that “it’s sad to see the town council going, but unfortunately we have no control over that. The people did not get the opportunity to vote on this like they did with the senate.” Leonard Cleary, town clerk, told the meeting that it is intended that Ennis Town Council host an “appropriate event” to mark the abolition of Ennis Town Council. He explained, “In recognition of the service of current and past elected members, a roll of honour has been researched and compiled. This will be included as part of the …

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CCTV considered for graveyard

CCTV cameras could be installed at Drumcliff burial grounds in a bid to tackle thefts, anti-social behaviour and illegal dumping. At this week’s meeting of Ennis Town Council, Councillor Mary Howard urged that the council investigate the possibility of putting the cameras at the cemetery. And she was told that Clare County Council is “examining the feasibility” of installing the devices. “Drumcliff should be a quiet place of contemplation but there have been a number of incidences and it has been going on for many years,” she said. She outlined that visitors to the graveyard have come back to their cars to find their windows smashed and belongings taken. “You often find somebody upset that their windows have been smashed when they get back to their car. CCTV is possibly the only way to go in dealing with this,” she said. She also detailed anti-social and intimidating behaviour by large groups of people gathered at the graveyard. In response to …

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