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Flooding fears among Ennis residents due to overgrowth in river

RESIDENTS living in an Ennis housing estate close to the Corrovorrin River are “concerned” that “significant” overgrowth in the river may lead to flooding, a meeting of local councillors has heard. The Ennis Municipal District at their recent meeting were requested by Councillor Johnny Flynn to arrange for the cutting back of growth and a clean up of the “overgrown Corrovorrin River” particularly at the bridge into Corrovorrin estate itself. The councillor described the river as “very important piece of the river network” which helps to deflect flood waters, alongside having value as an amenity. “The residents of Corrovorrin are concerned, the growth is quite significant, and they are concerned that any potential flood water might come on on the estate.” He referred to the “fantastic plans” contained within the Ennis 2040 document to develop a Wetlands and Enterprise Area, “linking the lung of Ennis” to the east of the town, expanding into lands between the town and the M18. …

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Howard: People might see roundabout if Púca put in middle of it

INSTALLING the controversial Púca statue at a busy Ennis junction would draw motorists’ attention to new road safety measures put in place a local councillor has quipped. An upgrade of the Corrovorrin junction, including a new mini-roundabout, has been widely welcomed locally, however a meeting of the Ennis Municipal District has been told there needs to be more driver awareness of the changes to the road. This prompted Councillor Mary Howard to joke, “People are still not aware of the roundabout, they would know if the Púca was in the middle of it to draw attention to it.” More seriously she added, “Traffic is flying through and I’m afraid of what might happen.” The issue at Corrovorrin junction was raised by Councillor Johnny Flynn who urged the council to consider further improvements to the “excellent upgrade” of the area. He called for improved road signage immediately adjacent to the junction to increase driver awareness; road marking of the track drive …

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Light at end of tunnel for residents of Ennis district

AFTER years of campaigning residents of Corrovorrin “see light at the end of the tunnel” with confirmation that a mini roundabout is set to be installed on the Tulla Road, writes Jessica Quinn. It is expected this will mean an end to frustratingly long delays for residents trying to exit Kevin Barry Avenue onto the busy Tulla Road. A special meeting of the Ennis Municipal District heard details of the plans for a Low Cost Safety Scheme on the junction with Kevin Barry Avenue at Corrovorrin. The improved junction layout on the R352 will facilitate “safer access and egress from Kevin Barry Ave” through a mini roundabout, removal of parking spaces, installation of bollards, refurbishment of road lining and marking and realignment of footpaths, the local authority has outlined. Speaking after the meeting in which councillors gave the plan their backing, local resident Tom Verling said, “This is absolutely brilliant, it’s been a long time coming, going back to the …

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Ennis residents ‘very frustrated’ at wait for traffic calming

THE frustration of residents in Corrovorrin who are awaiting the introduction of much sought after traffic calming measures has been highlighted at a meeting of Ennis councillors. Speaking at a meeting of the Ennis Municipal District, Councillor Johnny Flynn commented, “The residents of Corrovorrin are getting very frustrated, they are wondering when the work will be done.” He said that locals had hoped to see works progressing over the summer months, when schools are closed, however the works are now not likely to go ahead until the autumn or winter. The councillor raised the issue as he proposed that in addition to the proposals for Corrovorrin, that the council look at providing additional traffic calming measures east and west of the railway bridge. He pointed out that there are 15,000 vehicles a day on the main Tulla Road, suggesting pedestrian crossings should be introduced in locations such as the Lifford Road and New Road junctions. He said there is an …

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Residents frustrated as ‘urgent works’ needed at Ennis junction

AN Ennis councillor has pledged his portion of General Municipal Allocation funding to finding a solution to the decades-long “dangerous” situation at the Corrovorrin – Tulla Road junction. Councillor Johnny Flynn at a meeting of the Ennis Municipal District vowed that if funding is not forthcoming from central government that his GMA should be used to find an interim measure to improve the junction. Residents of Corrovorrin who have been regularly attending council meetings to stay updated were in the public gallery. Councillor Flynn had sought a progress report on the proposed junction improvement measures being planned and a likely completion date.   John Gannon, Senior Executive Engineer replied, “The Corrovorrin-Tulla Road Junction will be included in Clare County Council’s application for funding under the Departments low cost safety improvement works for regional and local roads to be carried out by Local Authorities during 2021. Subject to departmental approval the expected time fame for completion will be Autumn 2021.” Councillor …

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Mini roundabout proposal for traffic problems

TRAFFIC levels are leaving residents of Corrovorrin and St Senan’s Road in Ennis “frustrated”, a meeting of local councillors has heard. Among the solutions suggested was a mini-roundabout in the area. Councillor Ann Norton, at a meeting of the Ennis Municipal District, asked that a traffic survey be carried out at the exit of Corrovorrin and St Senan’s Road to investigate the viability of the traffic-calming measure. She commented, “Residents in the area are quite concerned and frustrated; there is quite a lot of traffic.” Eamon O’Dea, senior executive engineer, told the meeting that a proposal funded by a Low Cost Safety Scheme went through a public consultation process for traffic-calming and was withdrawn at approval stage at Ennis Town Council, as approval was not forthcoming from the councillors. He explained, “The key issue in the withdrawal of the previous proposal was the position of the local shop to the junction and the requirements under road design guidelines that eliminated …

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