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Clare motorists warned to watch for rutting deer

MOTORISTS in Clare are being warned of the increased risk of wild deer on the roads, particularly in the east of the county, writes Fiona McGarry. The Irish Deer Commission said that particular caution is advised from late September to early November during the rutting or deer breeding season. A spokesperson said that while the rut is an amazing experience to witness, it is also a time when there is an increased incidence of road traffic accidents. “Male deer go in search of females and younger males are ousted by dominant males forcing deer to cross roads and motorways,” a spokesperson for the commission said. Dawn and dusk are the times at which deer are most active and high risk areas such as woodlands and mountains. East Clare has previously been identified by a national inter-agency report as a “deer hotspot”. The commission is advising that during the rutting season, drivers would reduce speed where they see a deer warning …

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Clare drivers warned over glare and ‘bitumen slicks’ in heatwave

THE Road Safety Authority (RSA) is reminding road users, particularly drivers, to be aware of the dangers posed by ‘sun glare’ as Orange and Yellow weather warnings for High Temperatures have been issued for the next few days. Sun glare can result in drivers being temporarily dazzled or blinded by the intensity and brightness of the sun. As clear sunny conditions and high temperatures are forecast over the next number of days, the RSA is advising drivers to: Reduce the risk from sun glare and of being dazzled by wearing sun glasses. Be aware of the dangers of sun glare when travelling east in the mornings and west later in the day. Be prepared and ensure you have adequate supplies of water, any delays to journeys could result in road users being stuck in traffic for a period time in hot conditions. Children and pets are particularly at risk during these hot spells of weather. Week AheadAnother warm week ahead …

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