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Immigrant domestic workers ‘virtual prisoners’

A NUMBER of disturbing incidents relating to the treatment of immigrant domestic and childcare workers in this county have been revealed by Orla Ní Éili, project manager at the Clare Immigrant Support Centre in Ennis. “Some domestic and childcare workers in Clare have been held virtual prisoners in their employers’ homes,” she declared. Her shocking statement comes in a week when a report from the Migrant Rights Centre Ireland (MRCI) indicated that urgent action is needed to ensure that Ireland guarantees the safety and welfare of the thousands of migrant women caring for children. Launched on Wednesday, Childcare in the Domestic Work Sector: Who’s Minding the Children? draws on Irish and European data. “I remember hearing of one girl, who was doing English classes in the evening, being brought to Ennis. She was dropped with all her bags and told ‘We’ve had enough of you. You’re not doing enough work.’ That was it. It was a winter’s evening and she …

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