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Burglary court case reveals “huge flaw” in the system

A DISTRICT Court judge said there is a “huge flaw” in the system, whereby a man, who was on a methadone detox programme in prison, was released before completing it, without any link-in services being provided in the community. The issue arose in the case of Gerard Delaney, with addresses at Inis Ealga Shannon and formerly of Rineanna View, who appeared before the court on a breach of bail, arising from a burglary. The court was told that the defendant had been on a methadone detox programme while on remand in Limerick Prison. He did not finish the programme in prison and was released with no follow-up care or referral. Arising from the incident, Judge Patrick Durcan has requested the governor of Limerick Prison, or someone with the relevant authority, come to court next Wednesday to explain how this can happen. Judge Durcan heard the defendant “was not finished the programme when he left prison. It was not possible for …

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Crime Prevention Day of Action

A RANGE of measures that householders can take to secure their homes against the threat of burglary was highlighted by An Garda Síochána at Wednesday’s launch of its National Crime Prevention Day of Action. The main entry points by burglars to houses are through a rear window (28%), front door (27%), and rear door (25%). While the latest CSO figures show a 8.9% fall in the level of burglary and related offences between June 2012 and June 2013 compared to the previous 12 months, An Garda Síochána is advising people to remain vigilant and security conscious in order to thwart burglars. “Burglars will tend to go for what they view as easy targets –  houses with no lights on, no alarm, or unsecured doors and windows. So it is critical for householders to secure all doors and windows, light up their homes even when out, and have an alarm and turn it on even when at home,” said Sergeant Kelvin …

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