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Late Brianna inspired young jockey to get back in the saddle

A YOUNG jockey has told how she was inspired by a late Killaloe girl with special needs to resume riding in her memorial race, a few months after receiving her own Epilepsy diagnosis. Ali O’Brien (14) Tullaheady, Nenagh, was thrilled to win the Brianna Lynch Memorial Cup at the North Tipperary Foxhounds Point-to-Point at Lisboney, Nenagh recently. In November 2019, Brianna Lynch (9) died in her sleep from SUDEP – Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy – leaving her family devastated. Her mother, Arabella Scanlan, a well-known Killaloe horse trainer, provided Ali with one of her horses, Bridget, to ride in the memorial race for her daughter, a few weeks after the teenager had decided to get back on a horse following her own Epilepsy diagnosis in December 2021. Ali didn’t want to go back riding in December and January in the wake of her Epilepsy diagnosis. When her medication wasn’t working, Ali often wondered was this how Brianna, who was …

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Brianna’s legacy highlights dangers of rare condition

A HORSE race held in memory of a young Killaloe girl with special needs, who touched the lives of countless people, has shone a much needed spotlight on a life-threatening condition. There was a great buzz of excitement at the second Brianna Lynch Memorial Cup, which was the last race on the North Tipperary Foxhounds Point-to-Point at Lisboney, Nenagh recently. In November 2019, Brianna Lynch (9) died in her sleep from suspected Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP), leaving her family devastated. Her mother, Arabella Scanlan has used this memorial race to highlight the risks associated with SUDEP. SUDEP refers to deaths in people with epilepsy that are not caused by injury, drowning, or other known causes. Studies suggest that each year there are about 1.16 cases of SUDEP for every 1,000 people with epilepsy, although estimates vary. It is the leading cause of death in people with uncontrolled seizures. Epilepsy – which affects 40,000 people across the country – …

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Killaloe hero sparks interest in Great Dane pups

THE life-saving exploits of an award-winning Killaloe Great Dane has sparked a run of requests for young puppies from prospective buyers, according to his owner, Arabella Scanlan. Charlie, a gentle giant, made international headlines last year, when The Clare Champion revealed how he could detect when three year-old Brianna Lynch was going to have an epileptic fit, about 20 minutes before each episode. Arabella, Brianna’s mother, is still effusive in her praise concerning the uncanny bond, which has developed between Charlie and Brianna since he came to live in their home on the outskirts of Killaloe when he was just six months old. The Irish Kennel Club celebrated the special relationship between humans and their dogs at an awards ceremony hosted in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Dublin recently. Following thousands of entries, Charlie was shortlised in the final 15 and was awarded his Golden Paw Hero certificate, after being highly commended in the Exemplary Companion/Life-Changing Dog category. His amazing …

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A welcome Dane in Killaloe

By Dan Danaher THE lifesaving exploits of a Great Dane were honoured with a national award recently. Charlie’s ability to detect when Brianna Lynch (3) is going to have a seizure, has been officially recognised by the Irish Great Dane Club (IGDC) Club. This makes him a welcome member of the Killaloe/Ballina community, where Brian Boru once reigned. There were up to 30 of the giant breed shown at the club’s open show annual event in Cloghran, Dublin. Brianna and Charlie were due to attend with Arabella but due to Brianna’s ill heath they could not do so. Brianna’s sister, Rose came to the event and received the award on their behalf. The award was presented by the IGDC president, Mary U Nolan and by the IKC president, Sean Delmar. Clare Ryan, who is a member of the IGDC, said she was incredibly proud to have bred Charlie and for his super temperament to be making such a difference. Ms …

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Great Dane invades to protect Brianna

By Dan Danaher RE-ENACTMENTS of Brian Boru’s heroics against the Vikings are planned for Killaloe next year but a Great Dane has made a pre-emptive strike and stolen the hearts of a local family. Charlie, a two-year-old member of the much-loved dog breed, has become so attached to toddler Brianna Lynch, who suffers from epilepsy, that he has developed an uncanny ability to detect her frequent seizures, 20 minutes before the start of each episode. The giant dog simply adores Brianna and is very protective of her any time he senses she is about to have an epileptic fit. In fact, the family pet will pin the child to the wall and not leave her until someone comes to her aid. Her mother, Arabella, describes the dog’s sixth sense without any training as “amazing”. “Charlie is so sensitive to her needs; if the other dogs get boisterous, he will stand by her side to ensure she doesn’t get knocked over. …

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