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Groundhog Day for Bill Murray and Clare

The hurling Gods! You just can’t be up to them. Who knows, maybe that’s what makes the game so great. We never know what they have ordained and they hardly know themselves, but when we saw Bill Murray take his seat beside his golfing pal JP McManus in Semple’s Ard Comhairle, we should have known that this would be different. We should have known too when Frank Murphy suddenly appeared — and like any good backman was touch-tight on Murray — that it was already different. There was more: Murphy had a hooded eye and concentrated look bearing all the hallmarks of a man up for championship; meanwhile, Murray always has those crazy eyes that say, “I’m up for championship.” We all were up for it — at least we thought we were, but truth told for long periods of the afternoon we weren’t; instead, we were underwhelmed. It helped Bill Murray take centre stage — he was the man, …

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