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Call for equality in artists’ income scheme

AN APPEAL has been made for equal access for artists with disabilities to a new pilot scheme introduced to support the sector. At the May meeting of the local authority, Councillor Clare Colleran Molloy said she had been delighted to hear Minister Catherine Martin introduce the Basic Income for Artists Pilot Scheme. “This is for those who haven’t been able to perform or create any great income due to the pandemic,” Councillor Colleran Molloy said. “A total of 2,000 applicants at random will be picked to receive €325 per week, paid monthly. This is a very positive thing and it will last for a number of years. “There has been a call from the music and entertainment industry who have highlighted that the scheme will not be applied equally. Those who have disabilities will not be treated equally. “This is a very straight forward motion. It is a call on Department of Social Protection to equalise the application of the …

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