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It’s time to learn

GETTING a pet dog or puppy also means trying to find someone who can help train your pet and with so many people claiming to be professional dog trainers and behaviourists, this can be a minefield. How can you determine who is best for you and your dog? The wrong person who uses ‘yank and yell’ techniques or has no recognised scientific background can have devastating consequences on the relationship between you and your dog. However, a good trainer will enhance the bond between you and your dog. Most pet dogs are not meant to enter obedience competitions and a good trainer will recognise the difference between training for competition and training for life as a family pet. Choosing your trainer Where did you hear about trainers? Internet or newspaper? All can have glossy, expensive ads or websites and promise a well-behaved, loving pet in a matter of days or, as some TV programmes would have you believe, 15 minutes. …

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