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Puppy cruelly dumped and left to die

A FIVE-week-old puppy suffered extensive injuries and was dumped, before dying, in what Clare’s county dog warden has described as “one of the worst things I’ve seen”. The small black terrier was found by a young boy and had a broken back and two broken legs. The cold and wet animal had been thrown in a bush near Our Lady’s Hospital. Mr Coote was contacted and efforts were made to save the pup but he sadly died on the way to the vet. The dog warden believes that an attempt was made to deliberately kill the pup. “It’s terrible what was done. He was in a lot of pain. He had two broken back legs and his back was severed, you could clearly see it was broken. Fair play to the young boy for having the sense to bring him to us. It was traumatising and terrible for the pup but it was also terrible for that young boy to …

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Election most popular on ‘Champion web

THE Clare Champion’s live coverage of the 2014 Local Elections was the most popular item on www.clarechampion.ie over the last 12 months. All the major events in Clare life were reported on the website in 2014, with thousands turning to the site as their main source of local news. In the months of January and February, the most viewed stories online related to the storms that threw the county into chaos. The Champion’s coverage included striking images showing the fallout in coastal areas, such as Lahinch, Quilty, Kilbaha, Kilkee and Spanish Point, which drew thousands of visitors. On March 25, news of the death of Ennis businessman, Jimmy Brohan was published online and read by thousands. The story about his death paid tribute to his personal warmth. “Jimmy was on first-name terms with his customers from far and near, most of whom simply enjoyed stepping back in time when they passed through the door. He will be missed as one …

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Arrest made following dumping of horses and cattle

A MAN in his sixties was arrested this morning under the Waste Management Act, in connection with the discovery of animal carcasses at Baltard Cliffs in Doonbeg earlier this year. Earlier this year, the gardaí, Clare County Council, the Department of Agriculture and the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals all began investigations after carcasses of at least 16 horses and cattle were discovered by a person out walking in the area.

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Dog left to die over six weeks in West Clare

CLARE County Dog Warden, Frankie Coote has described his discovery of a dying German Shepherd in West Clare on Monday as the worst incident of animal neglect he has had to deal with in his 23-year association with the ISPCA. On the back of an anonymous call, accompanied by Garda Seán Kelly from Kilrush Garda Station, Mr Coote called to the house, behind which the stricken dog lay. “I thought the dog was dead for a considerable amount of time. As I went to examine the dog and take some photographs of what I thought was a carcass, I then discovered that the dog was able to move its head and could look up at me,” he revealed. “The dog had been alive and he had been eaten by maggots and rodents.We reckon the dog had been lying on its side for six to eight weeks, without food or water. Poignantly, the stricken animal appeared to thank the dog warden …

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