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Al-Anon helping those close to alcoholics

IT is believed that an alcoholic typically has a significantly negative impact on around ten people around them. Given the amount of people with drink problems around, it’s clear that a huge minority in society have felt the effects of others drinking and Al-Anon is in existence to help people in this position. Seanie, a Clare man in his early 30s, says that he started going to deal with problems in his own family. “People go to Al-Anon looking for a way to stop the craziness of alcoholism in their own lives, looking for a list of things to do to stop the person drinking. In my own case the person was going to AA, but behaving like a dry drunk which means behaving like an alcoholic with bad behaviour. Having blowouts, fighting, being unreasonable, carrying on as if they were drunk, but they are carrying on like that while being sober.” He knows all about the plight of being …

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Alcoholism and the knock-on factor

THE damage problem drinking does is most clearly seen in the amount of time being spent on it by health agencies, the social care system and the gardaí, but it’s much harder to quantify the harm it does to the family and friends of those who are alcoholics. For every person with a drink problem, it is estimated that there are at least five other people who live with degrees of uncertainty, deceit, financial insecurity, fear of violence, emotional or physical abuse. Dealing with someone else’s abuse of alcohol can be frightening and confusing and can leave a long shadow over a person’s life. Al-Anon is an organisation that offers support for those who are affected by problem drinkers, offering understanding and encouragement. It has been in existence for over 60 years and on Thursday, November 26, it will hold an open night at 8pm at the Ennis Parish Centre on Station Road. This week, in advance of that meeting, …

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