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Opening doors to AA

THERE will be an open meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous next Thursday at 8.30pm at St Senan’s National School in Shannon. While almost all meetings of AA are confined to people who have a desire to stop drinking, this is quite different, with anyone welcome to attend. This means it is a chance for someone who feels they could potentially benefit from what AA offers to find out a bit more about the organisation, for anyone who feels a loved one may have a problem or anybody who simply has an interest in finding out about AA. In relation to next week’s event, a spokesman for AA in Clare said, “An open meeting is a public one, open to anyone who wants to walk in. All AA meetings are closed, except for those. Members of the public, press, anyone who wants to attend, can come in. “There are two AA speakers, then an Al Anon member as well, who will give …

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Alcohol as big a crime factor as other drugs

ACCORDING to the Probation Services, alcohol is just as significant an issue as drugs, when it comes to those engaged in offending behaviour. David Kenny, regional manager, South West Probation Service, said alcohol, together with benzos, cannabis, unprescribed medication, pockets of opioid use, and heroin are the types of substances most commonly used among those who become involved in criminal activity. Among offenders seen by the Probation Services in Clare, they have identified alcohol, cannabis, and benzos as the types of substances that “are coming up the whole time”, and this is because “they are the most accessible”. Leah McGuire, of the Probation Service in Clare, said cocaine does present itself also, but while it is often thought cocaine is a drug for those with money, at the end of the day it comes down to what’s most accessible at any given time. That, she said, “comes in waves and troughs, and it comes down to what’s a good price …

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Ireland and UK cooperation on driving bans

Transport Minister Shane Ross has announced a new provision to facilitate the mutual recognition of driving disqualifications between Ireland and the UK, which comes into operation today, Tuesday August 1. “The mutual recognition of driving disqualifications is an important road safety measure because it aims to target dangerous drivers on our roads. The disqualifications relate to drivers disqualified for reckless or dangerous driving, hit and run driving, and driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. “Mutual recognition of driving disqualifications is an important road safety measure for both Ireland and the UK, and is one of a series of measures I am introducing which will reduce road injuries and ultimately save lives,” he said. The Minister added: “Maintaining the common travel area and our economic links with the UK are important priorities for Ireland, and this agreement will make a contribution towards that objective, as well as making an important contribution to road safety. The new measures are …

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Drink aware on Junior Cert results day

Drinkaware are appealing to parents to talk openly and honestly to their children about alcohol ahead of the release of the Junior Cert exam results on Wednesday. A report commissioned by Drinkaware found that 95% of Junior Cert students learn more about alcohol from their parents than any other source. The Behaviour and Attitudesresearch, conducted with 200 Junior Cert students from across Ireland, revealed that 56% feel that they are limited in their knowledge of alcohol use. Drinkaware have developed a comprehensive parents’ hub at drinkaware.ie/parents, with a range of age-appropriate facts, advice and resources to help initiate and guide this important conversation between parents and young people. Ms Yvonne Rossiter, interim chief executive officer of Drinkaware said, “These results are a fantastic achievement and of course, should be celebrated. However, we are talking about young people who are about 15-years-old. This is simply too young to be drinking alcohol and the harms associated with drinking from such a young …

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Alcoholism and the knock-on factor

THE damage problem drinking does is most clearly seen in the amount of time being spent on it by health agencies, the social care system and the gardaí, but it’s much harder to quantify the harm it does to the family and friends of those who are alcoholics. For every person with a drink problem, it is estimated that there are at least five other people who live with degrees of uncertainty, deceit, financial insecurity, fear of violence, emotional or physical abuse. Dealing with someone else’s abuse of alcohol can be frightening and confusing and can leave a long shadow over a person’s life. Al-Anon is an organisation that offers support for those who are affected by problem drinkers, offering understanding and encouragement. It has been in existence for over 60 years and on Thursday, November 26, it will hold an open night at 8pm at the Ennis Parish Centre on Station Road. This week, in advance of that meeting, …

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Leaving Cert results and alcohol warning

Alcohol Action Ireland is encouraging parents to talk to their children about the risks associated with alcohol ahead of their Leaving Certificate results on Wednesday. “It’s natural that young people receiving their Leaving Cert results want to go out and celebrate with their friends. This is an important milestone for them and they should enjoy the celebrations,” said Suzanne Costello, CEO of Alcohol Action Ireland. “Getting the Leaving Cert results can be an emotional and, for some, stressful time, particularly for those who may not have done quite as well as they had hoped. If you add alcohol into the mix this can make an already challenging situation even more difficult for young people and put their health and safety at risk, particularly if they drink to levels they haven’t done before,” said Ms Costello. Alcohol Action Ireland is urging parents to play their part in ensuring their children stay safe and well by talking to them about their plans …

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Drinkaware advice on Leaving Cert wind-up

With Clare  Leaving Cert students set to start celebrating the wind up of their exams this weekend, drinkaware.ie is advising them to pace themselves to ensure they ‘ace’ their celebrations. drinkaware.ie – the alcohol social responsibility organisation – is referring students to their “Leaving Cert (and beyond) Survival Guide”, available online at www.drinkaware.ie/publications/leaving-cert-survival-guide. The guide contains lots of really useful tips on making the most of the post-leaving cert celebrations, including: · R-E-S-P-E-C-T – There are loads of people who don’t drink, or aren’t old enough to do it legally, and it’s not your job to give them a hard time about it. Respect other people’s choices, and remember that drinking isn’t the only way to enjoy a party. · Be prepared – Plan how you’re going to get home in advance, so you’re not in danger of being stranded anywhere in the dark. Make sure you have your keys, enough spare cash to get home, and a topped up …

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Hazardous homes for pets

PETS that spend time indoors can be put at risk. Your home is a hazardous place – we all know of the many accidents people have at home each year, so why should it be any different for your pet? • Be aware that some plants are very toxic to animals, especially young puppies and kittens, who are fond of chewing! Aloe vera, apple seeds, daffodils, foxglove, lily of the valley, tiger lily, weeping fig, rhododendron, amaryllis, clematis and azalea are just a few of the more common plants that can be dangerous for your pets. • Check the cleaning agents you use. Some may only cause mild symptoms but others can be fatal. Some powder carpet fresheners that you vacuum up can also cause severe skin irritations. • Pest bait, such as rodent, slug or roach traps, can be very toxic. The poison is hidden in sweet bait, such as chocolate or jam, so make sure your dog cannot …

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