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Scariff ‘Abandoned’ after council dig up street

LOCALS in Scariff have said they feel their town has been “abandoned” by Clare County Council who they say “dug up the whole street” more than a year ago and “left it like a dangerous building site”. Scariff based publican, Eamon Moloney said “The people of Scariff have been long suffering. They dug up the whole street about two years ago [sic] to put down ESB cables and they just left it like a building site. It’s nothing better than a hard hat area. I’m just amazed how any town could be left like that for so long. How someone didn’t get seriously injured I don’t know. I don’t know how anybody could leave the main street in any town in the country in that condition is beyond me”. Mr Moloney who runs a pub on Bridge street said, while he understands the need to have to dig the paths up for necessary works, and that there was a certain …

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Puppy cruelly dumped and left to die

A FIVE-week-old puppy suffered extensive injuries and was dumped, before dying, in what Clare’s county dog warden has described as “one of the worst things I’ve seen”. The small black terrier was found by a young boy and had a broken back and two broken legs. The cold and wet animal had been thrown in a bush near Our Lady’s Hospital. Mr Coote was contacted and efforts were made to save the pup but he sadly died on the way to the vet. The dog warden believes that an attempt was made to deliberately kill the pup. “It’s terrible what was done. He was in a lot of pain. He had two broken back legs and his back was severed, you could clearly see it was broken. Fair play to the young boy for having the sense to bring him to us. It was traumatising and terrible for the pup but it was also terrible for that young boy to …

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And they call it puppy love

AN ENNIS woman with an incurable case of ‘puppy love’ is at the centre of an incredible tale of devotion and care for sick and abandoned dogs. Martina Flaherty, from Westbourne, loves all breeds of puppies and dogs and has saved more than 130 lives since she set up Babydog Rescue with her friend, Mags Mooney from Lisdoonvarna, earlier this year. Dog warden, Frankie Coote can’t praise Martina enough. “Martina’s work is essential because she has about 130 dogs taken from the pound since she started Babydog Rescue earlier this year. It’s a huge amount of dogs. She has a wonderful way of dealing with people and other rescue groups. “Martina and Mags Mooney fundraise and I think they have over 60 pups inoculated with the seven-in-one injections that have gone out to homes in Clare as well,” Frankie said. “There’s a lot of work goes into it and a lot of expenses before the dog goes out. They’ve fundraised …

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Dog left to die over six weeks in West Clare

CLARE County Dog Warden, Frankie Coote has described his discovery of a dying German Shepherd in West Clare on Monday as the worst incident of animal neglect he has had to deal with in his 23-year association with the ISPCA. On the back of an anonymous call, accompanied by Garda Seán Kelly from Kilrush Garda Station, Mr Coote called to the house, behind which the stricken dog lay. “I thought the dog was dead for a considerable amount of time. As I went to examine the dog and take some photographs of what I thought was a carcass, I then discovered that the dog was able to move its head and could look up at me,” he revealed. “The dog had been alive and he had been eaten by maggots and rodents.We reckon the dog had been lying on its side for six to eight weeks, without food or water. Poignantly, the stricken animal appeared to thank the dog warden …

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Child abandoned to meet boyfriend

By Carol Byrne A THREE-year-old child was left alone in a bedsit, while his mother went off to see her boyfriend. The incident led to a case before Ennis District Court this week, where the 22-year-old woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty to one count of child cruelty. Inspector Tom Kennedy, prosecuting, outlined how the gardaí received a call at approximately 1.30am on October 26 last from a tenant in the property that the defendant occupied. Gardaí heard from a man, who was living above the defendant’s bedsit, that he had heard a child crying in the room below. The child, the court heard, was three years and eight months old. “He was calling ‘Mum, Mum’ for about 20 to 30 minutes. Garda Noel Pearse went to the address and heard the child crying. The door was locked. The garda told the child to go back from the door. He comforted the child,” Inspector Kennedy said. …

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Kilrush Town Council meeting abandoned

THE December meeting of Kilrush Town Council was abandoned in chaos on Thursday night following a heated row between town manager Anne Haugh and Councillor Tom Prendeville, who claimed he was more qualified than the town manager. During the row, it emerged that the town council executive had wanted Councillor Prendeville to apologise for a comment made to a council official earlier this year at a meeting discussing the placement of double yellow lines on both sides of the Back Road, outside St Senan’s National School. At this week’s meeting, Councillor Liam O’Looney asked the manager to report on any progress on the proposed layby on the road. The motion, inadvertently, led to the row igniting between Councillor Prendeville and Ms Haugh. “I have studied. I’ve a lot more qualifications than you have,” Councillor Prendeville told MsHaugh. “Could you withdraw that? Withdraw that comment. What qualifications have I got? How dare you,” the town manager replied. “I won’t be attending …

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