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Support for regular pedestrianisation

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THERE is some enthusiasm among Ennis Town councillors for introducing extending pedestrianisation beyond Christmas and possibly providing free parking at certain times.
At the meeting, town clerk Eddie Power said that some retailers felt more regular pedestrianisation would be helpful.
“This year, we had pedestrianisation on three Saturdays and the last Sunday and Christmas Eve. One of the comments from the business sector was that the council might consider more regular pedestrianisation because when it comes in pre-Christmas, it leads to some confusion.”
He said more consultation would take place with the commercial sector and more detailed views would be available to the councillors at the February meeting.
Councillor Johnny Flynn expressed support for having some free parking while Councillor Brian Meaney said that anything making retail premises more accessible and the town more pleasant, needed to be considered.
Councillor Meaney also said that the council should look at creating a position of town centre manager.
Regarding pedestrianisation, Councillor Peter Considine said he agreed with the town clerk and suggested that a trial period would give an indication of how well it might work.
Councillors also discussed the provision of barriers to prevent traffic, while Councillor Michael Guilfoyle said a traditional route should be maintained for funerals and that coffins shouldn’t have to travel through car parks.
“The traditional route that was always there should be imposed and the undertaker should keep it as it is,” he said.

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