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Sunday deadline for non-principal residence charges

Owners of properties liable for Non-Principal Private Residence (NPPR) charges can freeze additional penalties that might otherwise come into effect on September 1 by contacting Clare County Council or the NPPR Burea immediately.

The six month period during which further NPPR late penalties cease to accumulate in respect of non compliant properties is due to expire at midnight on this Sunday.

“Clare County Council is aware that many more people want to settle their NPPR liabilities before the expiry of the deadline on August 31. Some people may need to clarify aspects of the liability and as a consequence significant numbers of people are making contact by telephone to Clare County Council offices. Due to the huge increase in the numbers calling local authority offices, it may be the case that not all callers will get through and we apologise for this inconvenience,” a spokesman said.

Any person who cannot get through to the council offices by telephone can contact either the National Bureau by e-mail at support@nppr.ie or Clare County Council by e-mail: nppr@clarecoco.ie before the expiry of the deadline.

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