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Successful martial arts tournament

Martial artists of various styles from around the country convened in Ennis on Sunday to test their skills in a tournament hosted by the Banner Martial Arts and Fitness club. Present from Clare were students of karate, kickboxing and taekwon-do schools.

In addition to hosting the competition, Connor and Sarah Donovan, who expressed delight with the success of the event,  waived entrance fees to the event and instead asked all visitors to make a donation for Clare Animal Welfare.
Teen and adult novice patterns/kata

1. Daniel Dempsey (NUIG); 2. James Downes (IUTF); 3. Paul Power (NUIG).
Teen and adult intermediate patterns/kata
1. Paul Kirwin (BMAF); 2. Adrian Lawless (NUIG); 3. Pablo Sans (Seishin).
Teen and adult advanced patterns/kata
1. Shannon Strawbridge (RedKing); 2. Emer Moroney (BMAF); 3. Gary Hennessy (BMAF).
Girls Sparring/kumite novice (4-7)
1. Lucy O’Connor (BMAF); 2. Aine Jones (BMAF); 3. Caitriona Apsel (BMAF).
Boys sparring/kumite Novice (5-8)
1. Ben Harnett (BMAF); 2. Arian Haziri (BMAF); 3. Jake O’Loughlin (BMAF).
Girls sparring/kumiteintermediate (10-12)
1. Claudia Carreno (BMAF); 2. Martyna Jarzyn (BMAF); 3. Anne Marie Flanagan (BMAF).
Boys sparring/kumite intermediate (12-13)
1. Aaron Kelly (BMAF); 2. Conor Hempenstall (BMAF); 3. Kristaps Murnieks (BMAF).
Boys sparring/kumite advanced (8-12)
1. Alex O’Connell (Pankration); 2. Adam Guerin (Pankration); 3. Adam Creamer (Pankration).
Teen girls sparring/kumite advanced
1. Shannon Strawbridge (Redking); 2. Gillian O’Connor (Pankration); Emer Moroney (BMAF)
Teen boys sparring/kumite advanced
1. James Mahoney (Pankration); 2. Steven Hogan (Pankration); 3. Gary Hennessy (BMAF).
Junior Low Novice Patterns/Kata
1. Caitriona Apsel; 2. Meagan O’Connor; 3. Katelyn Hehir.
Junior high novice patterns/kata
1. Michael Deloughery (BMAF); 2. Aoibhinn O’Donoghue (BMAF); 3. Tiarnan Murphy (BMAF).
Junior intermediate patterns/kata
1. Amber Nolan (BMAF); 2. Keith O’Loughlin (Seishen); 3. Eanna O’Donoghue (BMAF).
Junior advanced patterns/kata
1. Kate Gayson-Molloy (RedKing); 2. Ella-May Young (BMAF); 3. Shauna Enright (BMAF).
Girls sparring/kumite novice (8-10)
1. Sadbh Dunne (BMAF); 2. Aoibhinn O’Donoghue (BMAF).
Boys sparring/kumite intermediate (8-10)
1. Mark McInerney (BMAF); 2. Szymon Szulc (Pankration); Kevin Gayson-Molloy (Redking).
Girls sparring/kumite advanced (10-12)
1. Shauna Enright (BMAF); 2. Natalia Fankulewska (BMAF); Alice O’Brien (BMAF).
Men’s sparring/kumite advanced
1. Fergus Courtney (BMAF); 2. Adrian Lawless (NUIG); 3. David Johnston (BMAF).
Men’s sparring/kumite intermediate
1. Fergus Courtney (BMAF); 2. Adrian Lawless (NUIG); 3. Paul Kirwin (BMAF).
Men’s sparring/kumite novice
1. James Downes (IUTF); 2. David Cody (BMAF); 3. Daniel Dempsey (NUIG).


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