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Hyundai's Veloster is an interesting and attractive choice in the coupé sector.

Something completely different

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There was a time, not so long ago, when Hyundai ruled the roost in the coupé market. Their not so imaginatively named Coupé was conventionally styled but very pretty and sold by the bucket load, particularly in Ireland.
Now, Hyundai are back in the coupé game with a very different model, the Veloster. At first glance, this looks like a very attractive, but conventional three-door hatch, but if you look a little more closely, you’ll discover the Veloster’s party trick.
Hyundai's Veloster is an interesting and attractive choice in the coupé sector.On one side, there’s just a single driver’s door, while on the other, you also have a rear door, offering easy access to the rear seats. In some ways, it’s the best of both worlds, with the style of a coupé and the practicality of a five-door.
It’s not a unique solution, Mini having pulled the same trick with the Clubman, but kudos to Hyundai for engineering the car properly for right hand drive, with the extra doors on the correct side so your passengers aren’t forced to emerge into traffic.
With the Veloster, Hyundai have got the styling just right. From every angle, there’s something to admire and it really looks fresh on the road.
The rear, in particular is striking, with a central twin exhaust integrated into the rear bumper and a huge glass area that flows into the roof, allowing plenty of light into the car.
The interior is said to take its inspiration from motorbikes and I’m not sure I see that myself, but there are plenty of interesting shapes to grab your interest. A multifunction steering wheel controls audio, cruise and bluetooth and there’s a standard reversing camera, too.
Unlike the i40, which uses a tiny screen in the rear view mirror, the Veloster features a nice colour screen in the centre console, so it’s a doddle to park, especially with the rear parking sensors, which are also part of the package.
I have to confess I was surprised at how well the Veloster handles. Although there isn’t as much steering feel as I’d like, once the car settles into a corner it flows through very nicely with great grip and poise. That’s not at the expense of ride quality, either. In fact, the Hyundai is very comfortable, whether on the open road or in urban environments.
It’s quite a surprise these days to find a petrol engine as the only option but this 1.6 litre unit falls into Band B, so it still enjoys the advantages of low road tax and VRT. Although it produces 140 bhp, it never feels all that fast and if ever a car cried out for more power, the Veloster is it. That’s the price we pay for fuel efficiency, I guess, but a turbocharged version of this engine exists and it would be nice to have the option for drivers who want a bit more oomph.
As for standard equipment, the Veloster is generously equipped with climate control, 17” alloys,  MP3 CD with USB and auxiliary in, bluetooth and the reversing camera and sensors.
As always, you also get Hyundai’s five-year triple care warranty, which includes five years warranty, roadside assistance and annual health checks. A five-year servicing package is also available for €600.
The Veloster comes in one version, for €25,495, which is very competitively priced against similar rivals. A finance package is also on offer, which will put you in a Veloster for just €299 a month.
This is definitely a coupé that warrants a second look.

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