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Photograph by Maurice Gunning

WATCH: Solidarity with Gaza projected on to Clare cliffs

A GROUP of Irish artists, filmmakers and others have expressed solidarity with the people of Gaza with a projection onto the Cliffs of Moher.
Following the recent 11-day aerial bombardment of Gaza, in which over 240 people were killed, amongst them 68 children, and over 1,900 women, men and children seriously injured, a group of residents of County Clare and beyond began organising a visual message of care.
Amongst the group that performed the projection on Tuesday evening, From Ireland With Love, are lighting technicians, event organisers, photographers, artists, filmmakers and humanitarian workers.

Some of those involved have spent time in Gaza as documentary filmmakers and as volunteer First Responders on Palestinian ambulances.
While watching the recent news from Gaza- footage of the bombing of residential homes and neighbourhoods, clinics and infrastructure- the group decided to organise a symbolic image of solidarity from Ireland.
The image was conceptualised as an addition to existent human rights and political advocacy and humanitarian support initiatives organised throughout Ireland. The image is a symbol of both grief and empathy, and is particularly addressed to children in Gaza, both those who were killed and those who survived the killing of the rest of their families.
Amongst many others, the image is dedicated to survivors 6 year-old Suzy Ishkontana, 5-month-old Omar al-Hadidi and 10-year-old Aziz Al-Kolak. It is also dedicated to Rola, Hala and Yara Al-Kolak, all under 12 years old, who were receiving trauma and psycho-social supports via the Norwegian Refugee council in the months leading up to their recent deaths.
One of the organisers, yoga teacher and documentary filmmaker, Dearbhla Glynn, lives near the cliffs of Moher and has spent time in Gaza. She refers to the depth of support that has been prevalent in Ireland over the past weeks, saying:
“We wanted to add to the responses already organised across the country, using the medium of visual art. Through the image on the Cliffs of Moher, we wanted to project our solidarity, love and grief, for those who were killed and those who survived. Many of us felt so helpless watching the news from Gaza unfold, and this was a way to do something- even symbolic”.
The image was documented with the assistance of local farmers.
The projection is also intended to raise funds for medical and humanitarian relief in Gaza www.irelandtogaza.com

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