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Slight increase in Clare live register figures

UNEMPLOYMENT in Clare crept upwards slightly in January.

In December there were a total of 9,285 people on the live register in the county but in January that went up to 9,418.
The majority of those- 5,623- were male, while 3,795 were women. The number of men increased by 73 in January while the number of women was up by 60.

The number of young people signing on also rose, from 1,358 in December to 1,400 in January.
Sinn Féin County Council candidate Mike McKee said the numbers show a failure of the coalition. “These figures are an indictment of the Government. They represent misery for families across our county. We also need to remember when we read this report that 240 people every day on average are emigrating from Ireland. Each one of those represents a family torn apart, many of those who leave will never return. It’s shameful.”

He was particularly critical of the Government’s treatment of young people. “Many of those who are leaving are young people forced out of their own country by government cuts to their social welfare. The main option offered to them by Fine Gael and Labour is to work for nothing on an internship. The civil service has recruited people to the JobBridge internship programme even though there is a recruitment embargo in the service so there cannot possibly be a job at the end of it for them. That proves how exploitative it is.”

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