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Shannon Chamber to host IAA chief

With the Government hosting a series of All-Ireland sectoral dialogues to assess how the UK’s decision to exit from the EU may impact on this country, Shannon Chamber is taking a similar approach to the aerospace sector.

The business group has invited the CEO of the Irish Aviation Authority to address members at a breakfast briefing in the Inn at Dromoland on Thursday, February 9.

Shannon Chamber’s chief executive Helen Downes said, “As highlighted in the National Aviation Policy for Ireland, published in 2015, aviation plays a crucial role in Ireland’s economy and, as an island nation,we are more dependent on aviation than our trading partners.

“This 2015 report pointed to the overall value of the sector to Ireland’s economy – €4.1bn to our GDP: €1.9bin directly from aviation, €1.3bn through the supply chain and €0.9bn from associated spending by people employed in aviation.

“It supports 26,000 jobs directly and a further 16,000 in the supply chain.Ireland’s tourism, which is dependent on aviation, accounts for a further €5.3bn contribution to GDP and 180,000 jobs”.

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